Gung ho!

Is this what the Holy Spirit wants from you?  Really?

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    Well, Simcha, I guess then good ol’ Jesus never would have used terms like “hypocrites” or “whited sepulchres” when confronting the religious leaders of his day, now, would he? He never would have cleansed the Temple (twice, mind you) of thieves, now, would he?

    • Simcha Fisher

      That does it, Joseph. You can’t talk to me that way. I’m going to send a complaining email to your MOM.

      • Simcha Fisher

        ‘Cause that’s how adults handle disputes, right? Say, did my editor get back to you? Am I fired, or what?

      • Joseph D’Hippolito

        Well, considering that my mother has been dead since October 2009, good luck.

        BTW, why don’t you consider another way to express humor? For that matter, why don’t you grow up?

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    Besides, Simcha, would the Holy Spirit want this from any of your commenters or colleagues?

    Then slap yourself for sucking so bad at maintaining your cover. You start your bullshit in this thread by trying to be the decent guy who disagrees with Simcha and thinks it’s terrible when people say crazy, mean, off topic things to her. Then, in short order, you stick your dick in the mashed potatoes with that last paragraph and things get real weird real quick. I feel like I need to go tell an adult about this.

    …I challenge you to go a whole 24 hours without sucking any farts out of chairs.

    Seriously, though, some day you should tell us how you earned your nickname “Baron Von Skidmark.”


    • Simcha Fisher

      Listen, my friend. If you don’t like how people talk to you, you can take it up with them, or you can go somewhere else where you get more respect The one thing that is NOT a legitimate choice is to try to jeopardize the livelihood of a mother of nine. You are a Friday turd at a Saturday market. And yes, the Holy Spirit told me to say that to you.

      • Simcha Fisher

        However, I will pray for the strength to forgive you. I’m sorry I lost my temper.

    • Josh

      That part about the mashed potatoes was, upon further reflection, uncalled for and I apologize for being gross, mainly to Simcha, but also to you, Joe. It’s a phrase that has a certain ring to it when spoken and conveys abrupt awkwardness well, but it doesn’t look pretty in print. If I could edit my comments after the fact, I would have. The rest of that paragraph still makes sense though.

      Joe, what you’re doing in these comments is spiteful, mean, and evil. Your lack of coarse language and the fact that you’re not directly addressing the subjects of your attacks does not make your calumny somehow noble.

      I’ll stop participating in this discussion now to keep from dropping other potentially embarrassing bombs that might cause problems during an audit by the religious police.

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    Simcha, you are responsible for your life and your blog; I am not. If you allow people who use coarse, obscene language on your blog, then you bear at least some responsibility.

    Also, despite being a mother of nine, you have no concept of empathy. How would you feel if the language directed at me was directed at you for no particular reason?

    Finally, how am I supposed to “take it up with them” when 1) I don’t know how to contact them then and 2) they’re obviously looking to start a flame war?

    Then again, what should I expect from somebody who uses the phrase, “Friday turd at a Saturday market”? Do you teach your children to respond that way?

    As far as “praying for the strength” to “forgive” me goes, perhaps you should pray for the wisdom to make better decisions and, as Confucius say, to engage brain before engaging mouth (or, in your case, fingers).

    • Simcha Fisher

      Okay, Joseph, I will explain this to you. Some people strictly moderate the comments on their blogs. I do not. The only time I intervene is if people are being cruel or unfair toward someone who seems helpless. You are a grown man, and so I assumed you could defend yourself.

      If you have something else to say to the people who insulted you, then obviously you should contact them in the comment box. What makes no sense whatsoever is to complain to me, or to complain to the editor of another blog That was a ridiculous thing to do, and you ought to be ashamed of yourself, if only because it makes you look like a big whiny tattletale.

      I don’t have any intention of changing my long-standing policy to suit you. By all accounts, you think I’m a bad Catholic who says things that aren’t true, and you don’t like my other readers. Can you explain to me why any sane person who feels that way would continue coming back for more?

      • Simcha Fisher

        And now I’m going to a wedding, and I’m going to have a nice time. Don’t feel that you absolutely need to respond to any of this. You can just walk away.

    • Kevin

      Joseph, you can either be vicious (e.g. your threatening Simcha’s livelihood or your weird crusade against Mark Shea), or you can complain about people being mean to you…but not both.

      Choose no more than one.

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    Dear Simcha and everyone,

    Reading over the last few comments I left here, I realize that I’ve been behaving very badly, wasting your time and my own. I sincerely apologize. I am going to go crochet some booties for my cats now.

    Sincerely, Joe D’Hippolito, if that is indeed my real name

    • The Jerk

      Wow, Joe. That’s a heck of an apology. You, sir, are a class act.

  • allotmentgirl

    I was going to write about being gung-ho but this ‘discourse’ made me think of this blog.

  • Colet

    Oh poor besmirched mashed potatoes. I may never eat you again.