Homeschool To Classroom: A Quiz For Anxious Parents

Are you at an appropriate level of freakout?

And, because I never get tired of it, here is one of the reasons we quit homeschooling:

and here is the attendant, admittedly rather skimpy explanation.

We are so lucky that we have a wonderful charter school half an hour away (which is why, in about a week, I’m going to resume moaning and groaning about how much time I spend in the car); but we also used the local public school for a year, and you know what?  It was fine.  Not great, but not fine.

And the charter school is not perfect — but no education is perfect.  Not home school, not public school, not private parochial school.  There are always gaps.  There are always problems that need fixing and mistakes that need addressing.  Once I realized this, I felt a lot less overwhelmed and more able to use my energy fixing the things that did need my attention, as well as appreciating the things that were new but good.

And driving.  I used lots and lots and lots of energy in driving.

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