Ten things I learned while camping with nine kids

Here ya go, fresh from my just-back-from-camping brain.  Oh, and I forgot one more thing:  kids will eat anything, absolutely anything, if you stick it on a stick.  Will post pictures if I can find the cord, which we may or may not have accidentally packed and then accidentally let loose in the wilds of Massachusetts.

  • Kevin

    Glad you all survived!

    You’ve probably come back with all sorts of wonderful column ideas thanks to being able to unplug and just be and experience and stuff. But if not…hey, college football is starting back up again, and have I ever introduced you to this guy?


    (You’re welcome.)

  • http://mcsisters.com/ Ellen

    I can’t believe you wrote about camping with 9 kids… I can’t relate to that!!!! ;)

  • Kristin

    I am a serious camper and your sarcasm about camping hurts me! A lot!!

  • http://www.wyattzoo.blogspot.com Kimberly

    We’ve only got three kids so far (3.5, 2.5, and almost 5 months), but we’ve camped with them more than once and it’s actually gone fairly smoothly. Then again, my hubby is a farm boy and I’m an environmental scientist, so we both love the outdoors. Still, I can totally relate to a lot of these. We’re headed for a week at the lake on Sunday, and even though we’re using my parents’ condo, I’m packing a tent. Because I cannot ever get enough of camping.

    • Anna

      My husband is a country boy too and his family camped all the time. As in, his dad thought it was a great idea to go camping when my husband was 2 weeks old. (His older brothers were 4 and 1.) My mother-in-law says her husband figured it was a nice break for her, no cooking (just him cooking the fish he caught) or cleaning; he’s oblivious enough not to recognize a need for indoor plumbing and soft chairs. Once I heard that story, I made my now-husband swear never to try that with me. I’m indoorsy anyway, but right after giving birth? I’d like to see anyone try and make me. Hats off to you, Kimberly, for being brave enough to camp with such little ones!

  • http://www.indiatoappleton.blogspot.com Nancy

    I always managed to avoid camping when I had crawlers — either it was winter, or I just flat-out refused. :o) Our first two kids were 19 months apart, and we didn’t camp for two summers because of that. I just went to a “walk-in” campsite, though — kids are very helpful when you have to carry everything 1/4 mile to the site. It turned out to be more fun than I thought it would be — there was a pit toilet 1/4 mile away, and I originally thought we’d have to dig a hole. (This was all my sister’s idea.) Good thing we didn’t — the place was crawling with poison ivy, and there are some places I prefer not to have a rash!