Theology on Tap!

On Tuesday, September 25th at 9:00, I’ll be at Murphy’s in Hanover, NH, for a widdle Theology on Tap.  I will be chatting about forgiveness — what it is, what it ain’t, how to get started, and maybe a little about what’s holding you back.  I will not be yelling at anyone.  Probably my husband and baby Benny will be there, if you want to buy them a beer.  I would love to meet anyone who’s going to be in the area!

Oh, and I just got the latest issue of Catholic Digest, wherin you can find “34 Pro-Life Family Activities,” invented by me (and we even actually do some of them at our house).

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  • richard

    I surely would go but I live too far away.

  • anna lisa

    Ahhhh….booze and the need for forgiveness…that could get soggy. How about beer pong and forgiveness? If you lose you have to drink AND forgive your mother-in-law.

  • Fr. St. Martin

    I would go but I will be on retreat. Is there a regular schedule for this?

    • Simcha Fisher

      For Theology on Tap, or specifically for me speaking?