Go ahead, October. Surprise me.

My husband — my HUSBAND! — make me take out the part about how, every time Obama goes down in the polls,  he does the Dutch Oven on Michelle.  But the rest stands.

In other news, don’t forget to enter the apron raffle!   Just $3!  Ends tomorrow!

In other news, happy anniversary to my husband.  Fifteen years with you is proof that God is good.


  • http://gravatar.com/g2-00e4f099bdd871255208913ae6c8e4a7 w

    Happy anniversary!! The traditional gift for 15 years is…hang on while I do a quick Google search…crystal! Lucky you.

  • http://patentsgirl.blogspot.com/ Margaret in MN

    (“W” stands for “woops”, evidently. I hit “post” too soon.)

  • Jennifer

    Happy Anniversary!

  • anna lisa

    Oh. My. garsh. This is cosmic. My 16 y.o. explained to me what a Dutch Oven was just yesterday when I was debating whether to cook in the oven or…yes, you guessed it. I said, “but I’ve never heard of that in my life! Have you ever had this DONE to you? He nodded solemnly and implicated his poor sister at college who couldn’t defend her honor.

    Happy Anniversary! I hope you guys get some candle light time ;)

    • http://breakingground.wordpress.com/ sara

      We call that a turtle.

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