Goodbye Kitty!

Look what I got in the mail today!

my new hat

It’s a gorgeous, soft, handmade winter hat, just for me, with no Hello Kitty on it!  I don’t know if you can see it, but the mailer is sealed with Hello Kitty tape. This cracked me up and absolutely made my morning, and I’m going to be wearing this hat nonstop.  I love it.  Many, many thanks to reader and talented knitter Suzanne Andrews.

Boy, between this and my amazing boots (not to  mention those fabulous cookies), I think I might actually not die this winter after all, thanks to my generous readers.

Also of possible interest in this picture, just so you don’t think I’m making stuff up:  on the windowsill is a green candle in the shape of a sled, which, in a fit of doomed existential rebellion, I agreed to glue back together.  It’s “still drying.” The wooden thing behind me is a medicine chest I found on the side of the road which doesn’t seem to fit anywhere else in the house; and the white tube just visible over my right shoulder is my progesterone cream, which my children keep begging to use because it smells like horseradish.  Here’s hoping no one has the technology to blow up whatever is displayed on the computer screen.  I don’t actually remember going to any hideously embarrassing websites, but if I did, you can be sure I’d capture it on film and put it online.

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  • Simcha Fisher

    Okay, I keep shrinking the photo, and WordPress keeps making it gigantic again. Whatever, WordPress!

  • themightymighty

    Is that you or your daughter wearing the hat?

    • Simcha Fisher

      Ah ha ha. Cell phone photo fuzziness is definitely my friend!

    • Cathy J

      I thought the same thing–as in “Whoa she looks so young!” (I mean, you are young compared to me, but with 9 kids–dang you look young!)

      • Simcha Fisher

        Well, thanks! I move like a 90-year-old lady, so it evens out.

  • Colleen Martin

    You are so loved!

  • bob cratchit

    Now all you need is a scarf and some gloves and you’re all good to go!

  • Marianne Bacon

    You are just so great, Simcha. “Still drying”— pure genius. I love you.

  • anna lisa

    Cute. Maybe one of your appreciative readers has a slick convertible gathering dust in the garage!


    Speaking of embarrassing websites, I find myself clicking on some of the most ridiculous teasers. I have learned a few things, and sometimes find myself acting like a middle schooler, gleefully revealing what I learned on the internet that day–but the whole thing smacks of Pandora’s box, or the tree of knowledge of good and evil!


    By far my most embarrassing moment with the internet really was when my then fifteen y.o. caught me looking at Sean Connery in a thong and boots on one of the Jerk’s posts. My kid’s expression was priceless. I’ll bet mine was too, but all I could feel was my cheeks burning.

    • Simcha Fisher

      HA HA HA! Sean Connery strikes again.

    • Anna

      Ha! Every time I send a priest to this site, the next day is always a post by The Jerk. I always wonder if the priests wonder what I think of them, sending them to a site with that Sean Connery pic, or if they instead just wonder about whether I’m really the right person to be helping with marriage prep around here.

  • richard

    I noticed the icon of Jesus on the right side of your computer.

  • Aileen

    Love that hat, it’s gorgeous!! And so are you, Simcha! I also thought, is that her daughter? :)