Strange goings-on in the secular media

I wrote today's post (including one of my favorite photos on the entire internet) entirely on my new laptop and YES IT KILLED ME.  Wah wah, poor me, I have a brand new machine and I wasn't born knowing how to use it, and I had to trim my fingernails so I would stop skidding around on the keyboard so much.  Question:  why has there been no legislation to  mandate a flashing red "UNDO" button on all computer programs, or whatever you young parsons call them? … [Read more...]

How to get up in the morning

If I'm lucky, you won't be able to tell I wrote this in my sleep. … [Read more...]

Start your week off right . . .

with Steven Seagal running like a girl! … [Read more...]

Music reccomendations?

A mom I know is looking for music to put on her 12-year-old son's new mp3 player.  She says, Looking for something reasonably wholesome, of course, but not scrupulously so. He's 12, but a very young 12. He is too old for little kids songs like Rafi, but I'm hesitant to introduce him to even good rock music. I'm not really looking for stuff like "Christian rock"--music designed for teenagers who love rock but whose parents won't let them listen to it. All we can think of is Roger Miller, … [Read more...]

Over!! The!!! Edge!!!!!!

I can't tell you how delighted I am to announce that my husband's new job includes his very own weekly newspaper column!  Some of his favorites will be reprinted on his blog.  Today, you can find out why I married him:   because no other man can write about The Ratpocalypse quite like this. ***swoon*** … [Read more...]

Praying like the devil

Friggin lent. … [Read more...]

Here we are.

Not where I thought we would be! … [Read more...]

Maybe it was just one of those wacky coincidences

. . . but yesterday I wrote this post about how, sometimes, your efforts are actually an obstacle to spiritual progress, and you just have to step aside and let the Holy Spirit work.  And then, just a few hours later, I read this passage from C. S. Lewis' Perelandra. (Ransom, on an unfallen planet with an unfallen Lady, has been doing battle with his nemesis, and has just made the horrible realization that, if "the Un-Man" is the representative of Hell, then he himself must be the … [Read more...]

Q and A about the pope!

I don't know if Dorian Speed of Convolare Designs ever gets tired of hearing how much her name sounds like a superhero name, but just in case she doesn't:  one of her powers is building an excellent and useful website in the blink of an eye. Her latest effort is Electing the Pope, where you can find answers to all your questions about the papacy and the upcoming papal election.  I have been assiduously avoiding the secular news coverage of this topic, because I finally stopped grinding my … [Read more...]

Swollen gums and the Holy Ghost

In which I contrive a spiritual reason to complain about my stupid teeth. … [Read more...]