The C&E Crowd: How to Deal

As Kat Fernandez would say, “Hiss.  Spit.  Growl.”

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  • Catherine Boucher

    I loved, loved, loved this! Thank you for this timely reminder. I wrote on the same topic on my personal blog here: I hope you and your family have a blessed Easter! Prayers that all of us crappy people make it through Mass without sinning among the C&E crowd! :)

  • Sarah

    On Holy Thursday, we were late (after dealing with a sheep with blight and four kids and the groceries, and blah, blah, blah). And we had to ‘sneak’ in the front door at Mass because the back door was shut for the Altar of Repose.

    And I sort of panicked when we snuck in and headed for the first semi-empty pew I saw.

    But, this man wouldn’t move over. Like, there was room on his other side and this young lady sort of clambered over him to make room for us. But he just sat, resolutely staring at the front and pretending like there wasn’t six of us trying to squash in beside him. And this other man asked him if he could squish over an inch but he shook his head.

    Oh boy, I wanted to hiss, spit and growl. But then i thought of your article. And then I thought maybe he thought we were C&E’s because we normally attend a different parish but we weren’t having Mass because we share a priest and I don’t know what…. but your article was very timely, so thanks. :)