Start your week off right . . .

by being a good citizen and doing something super easy to protect religious freedom.  Today is the last day to submit public comment on the new “proposed rule” for the HHS Mandate.

As you must have heard a blillion times by now, the mandate would require employers to provide health insurance coverage for contraception, sterilization and abortifacient drugs.  You have probably heard that the administration has altered the law and made a compromise that fixes the problem.

Well, they haven’t.  It doesn’t.  If you go to this page which gives you a VERY, VERY EASY way to submit a public comment, you will see a fact sheet from the USCCB at the bottom which explains why the fix is no fix.  Basically, if you’re the owner of Our Blessed Lady’s Catholic McCatholicy Home for Catholic Catholics and Rosary Giveaways to Catholics, you will still be required to pay for your secretary’s sterilization and her ten-year-old daughter’s “education” about where she can find the morning after pill.  This is how they fixed it for us.

The government is basically telling the people they’re only allowed to be Catholic when they’re actually inside the Church building.  Even if you’re not religious, that should make you very afraid!  Go here to let the administration know that the mandate is still unacceptable, still a flagrant violation of our religious freedom.

And now, once you’ve done the right thing and added your public comment, which is very easy to do and takes like forty seconds, here is your video to start the rest of your Monday off right (and yes, there is a tie-in, but it’s so flimsy I’m just going to let it go):

YouTube Preview Image

  • Matthew Bifulco

    Wow, I just exercised civic responsibility, and I’m living to tell about it!

    Remember, today is Holocaust Remembrance day.

  • richard

    Thanks very much for the link to make a public comment. As for the video, I have to admit that I don’t quite “get it”.

  • laurachristine06

    Reblogged this on This Felicitous Life and commented:
    Last day to give your thoughts on the HHS mandate! Quick and easy. Make your voice heard!

  • Matthew Bifulco

    “Never put salt in your eyes.” Truer words were never spoken.

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  • Catherine

    Thank you for reminding me! I just commented and posted it on my blog too.

  • Matt B

    I’m taking bets through 3am on how responsive HHS will be to my email. Right now freedom of conscience is about 40:1, adumbration of religious rights to include service organizations is at 60:1, long-range viability of life out of the womb is around 1000:1. If you manufacture chemicals used to decimate populations – you’re odds on.