Because what have you done for me lately?

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Now it’s stuck in your head, too!  Ha ha!

  • richard

    Catchy. From a 1994 animated film based on “Thumbelina” by Hans Christian Anderson. Kind of reminds me of a Disney production from some time ago.

  • Barbara C.

    Oh, my 2-year-old was obsessed with that movie for two weeks until she moved on to Spiderman and his Amazing Friends. Gotta love Netflix!

  • http://www.21women.us Matt Bifulco

    Speaking about things getting stuck in your head, I often pray as I fall asleep. I was praying for a certain prayer partner the other night, as I leaned on my elbow in bed. Who knows for how long? My wife woke me up suddenly (in a measure of alarm) asking me to pray over her. She does that sometimes. I complied, but used the name of my prayer partner instead of my wife’s. Later I learned that my wife had not woken me up at all, but I had awaked her. It’s funny how things get lodged into your head. I know my wife is having a hard time forgetting the whole episode.

  • richard

    I did my research. Gino Conforti sang the lyrics of Thumbelina as Jacquimo the swallow.