If the Mass is so great, then why don’t Catholics smile their way through it?

Also:  here is a picture of me having a WONDERFUL TIME doing something worthwhile which I enjoy:

295147_10150694199737029_1897034996_n (2)

(And yes, I know that’s not a proper mallet grip.  I was trying to gently tap a leg onto a trampoline, is why I was holding it that way.)

  • Paula

    My husband, the deacon, always looks so SERIOUS when he is serving at Mass. So at times, usually during the homily (when he is NOT preaching), I catch his eye and make a face (usually crossed eyes with my tongue sticking out). He responds with a big grin and raised eyebrows. Then I go back to rapt attention and the calm demeanor of the wife of a clergyman.

    I really am enjoying your blog, and your comments on Facebook (I am friends with friends of yours). Funny and smart: my favorite combination!

    Come by and visit me at Home In Douglas!

  • victor

    Gaah!! That’s not a mallet, it’s a ball peen hammer!

    (runs through nearest wall leaving victor-shaped hole)

    Cool pic though.

  • Simcha Fisher

    “Ball peen hammer?” You must be a public school kid, talking to ladies that way.

    (Pulls down windowshade, ignoring oncoming train which represents the inexorable oncoming dictionary definition.)

  • victor

    Apologies in advance for this, but I’ll spare you the dictionary definition because at the very least least you’re using the hammer side to drive in the leg and not trying to peen the shaft with the ball or anything like that.

  • richard

    Acts 14:22.