What a weird, sad, wretched century this is turning out to be.

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  • richard

    I agree. Each and everyone of us are truly recognized by God as his creation. Our free will is a great gift given to us.

  • moseynon

    The original news article appeared on a Brazilian website, so it is written in Portuguese.


    Using Google Translate (as I do not read Portuguese) it seems the article is about a factory in Rio de Janeiro which is producing Guy Fawkes masks to meet a sudden fad. The masks are being worn in protests against the Brazilian government. although some have been shipped to Europe.

    The article notes that around 800 masks per day are being made, which is nowhere close to the number of masks (up to 200,000 per day) which are made for Carnival.

    • Fawkin’ ‘ey! Thanks for the context!