Fall harvest

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  • dkpak

    Your kids are so beautiful. Thank you for helping God bring them into the world. :)

  • moseynon

    cute, cute, cute!

  • richard

    Warm apple strudel topped with vanilla ice cream!

  • MeanLizzie

    You have great looking kids, Simcha. And they all have such terrific hair.

    • MightyMighty11

      Srsly. So cute.

  • jenny

    Wow, beautiful girls, and nice hair…..and beautiful eyes.

  • anna lisa

    Ah, so beautiful. For a few second there I was trying to figure out where the bowl with the three nuts was…:)

  • Victor

    Great looking family.
    Thanks for the work of art pic which brought me down memory lane for a moment in time when I once was a young dad.
    God Bless

  • http://armywifetosuburbanlife.com/ jessica

    This is a great shot! We did the brussel sprout, apple, and pumpkin picking last week! http://armywifetosuburbanlife.com