And this is why . . .

they should have mandatory annual check ups if you want to keep your Secretary of State License.

Reporting for duty!

Mr. Kerry, can you draw a clock for us?  Can you count backwards from 100 by 7’s?

More extremely glorious photos here, including one of Putin looking fabulous.

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  • perpper

    I know Putin is evil and stages his manliness photos … but I do enjoy them.

  • richard

    The praying hands gesture seems to be almost universal.

  • Jordan

    Bitin’ the lower lip like a good white boy, lol.

  • jen

    To be fair, it’s the tradition that all the attendees receive and wear some part of the local apparel during these conferences. Sec. Kerry probably did not have a choice in the color scheme.

  • D.T. McCameron

    I want Putin and Kerry to star in a “Road to Bali”-esque comedy. Who do you figure for the Lamour stand in?

  • Lydia

    He looks like Maude.

  • Vanessa

    At first glance , I thought it was a photo of a religious sister. Not kidding or trying to be sarcastic. I thought it was a Benedictine in a state of nirvana.