New rule

No setting traps for the baby just because you’re bored.

Or if you must, no using the last of the ham as bait.


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  • Casey

    Hey, at least they put air holes in the cage! Or are those viewing windows? Either way…

  • Jordan

    That is hilarious.

  • Dan F.

    what kind of Jew are you? 😉

    • anna lisa

      The Jewish people that I’ve known have the deepest appreciation of ham that I’ve ever seen. Really.

      • Dan F.

        I hope i didn’t offend – it was a joke

        • anna lisa

          Oh no, I wasn’t offended, I was just laughing over all the times my kids have had heaping portions of bacon at their Jewish friends’ homes. :)

          • Dan F.

            ok good! I worry sometimes that the medium (typed words) too easily lends itself to misunderstanding and I don’t want to be the cause of any unnecessary pain. :)

            Also, bacon – because God clearly loves us. 😉

  • Tori

    Looks like a great Ponyo trap. Haaaaaaaam!

  • Julie @ CT Catholic Corner

    LOL! I remember doing stuff like that with my brother when we were kids. :)

  • jen


  • Tori

    The more I think about this…the more I realize how genius it is. One of mine is the same age as your baby and she totally would have fallen for it.