Three cheers for Deal Hudson!

It’s short.  Go read the whole thing:

Dr. Deal W Hudson: Don’t Call Me a Conservative Catholic Anymore

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  • Ezbs

    This guy is great. It’s true Pope Francis knows how to talk to the heart of a person, and some Catholics are too busy over analysing and misinterpreting his words. The sort of people that have spent years navel gazing their Catholic views.

    And you try and defend the Pope (not that he requires defending, but you do so anyway), and what happens? You get kicked off Blogs like The American Conservative, like I was the other day (that Blog will take any opportunity to make a jibe at Pope Francis- they even have this thing called “PopeWatch”- sounds like Neighbourhood Watch- Catholics looking out for other Catholics safety against the Pope). Catholics causing angst against other Catholics for defending our Catholic Leader. A truly odd world we live in.

  • anna lisa

    How refreshing. A couple of months ago I was talking to my two 40ish Jesuit priest friends, and I commented on how educated in Aquinas and Augustine they are–that I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have all of their religious training between my ears. It was really interesting how they responded, and I don’t think they were being self deprecating, when they said something along the lines of “a well formed soul arrives at a high level of understanding, *without* having read those great works.”
    They are right–and the Pope is right not to write off anybody as a lost cause. We all are thirsting for God. Some people just need to be given some *hope*, that all is not lost.

  • richard

    I remember Deal Hudson from his Crisis Magazine days.

  • Dan C

    Deal Hudson is a conservative political activist who has been both a religious conservative and “small government” conservative for over a decade. He is the architect of the language that once termed conservative Catholics as “orthodox” and deceived the Catholic right into believing there is a “free for all” on economic thinking in Catholicism, except for Marxism. As a libertarian, he advocates for a Tea Party for Catholics, has incessantly promoted the liberal/conservative Catholic divide and made a living off the Culture War.

    Deal Hudson is a conservative Catholic who finds no teaching relevance to the last papacy. One will read no quotations from Caritas in Veritate from Deal Hudson for obvious reasons. At least the conservative Catholic critiqued by Hudson, Jody Bottum, while critical of C in V, didn’t pretend the encyclical doesn’t exist, like Dr. Hudson and many other conservatives. In this article, Dr. Hudson seems to pretend that he is unaware there is conservative Catholic rejection of Pope Francis, somewhat implying he became aware of this by an MSM article. Hmmm….

    Deal Hudson is a libertarian leading, conservative culture warrior who makes his living winning the Catholic vote for conservative politicians. He is conservative. He is Catholic.

    • IRVCath

      Perhaps he is changing his opinion? You have to start somewhere, and if his friends’ attacks on the Holy Father are making him reconsider his politics in the light of the Faith, well, who am I to stop him?