So, you’re a young, inexperienced parent

Betcha wish you were me, don’t you?  Nine kids, fifteen years of parenting under my belt, confident, levelheaded, never get rattled, never overreact, that’s me.

And that, my friends, is why my husband and I spent three hours in the emergency room with the baby last night, to come home with this official diagnosis:

On the plus side, I, um, oh.

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  • ThomasSanjurjo

    Hey, with 9 you are more of an expert than most other people will ever be. Parenting win for being able to swallow your pride and say “I need a doctor to see this one.”

    • simchafisher

      And for my husband, who didn’t second guess me when I was worried, or give me a hard time when it turned out there was nothing to worry about!

      • First rule of being a husband: when your wife wants you to take a kid to the doctor you don’t do or say a thing to the contrary. It’s been almost 7 years, but I’ll still never live down telling our five-year-old to “walk off” a broken ankle for a day and a half.

  • richard

    My special prayer for your little one.

    • simchafisher

      Thank you so much, Richard. She seems fine and happy today.

  • Jordan

    Glad she’s fine :). Makes me feel better that it’s just not easy to be 100% sure even at your experience level, so I’ll try not to beat myself up as the years go by, haha! My first is almost 2, and my second will be here within about a week! I’ve only done that once so far (at least when it was very likely nothing, another time it did require an ER visit to definitively rule out any “not nothing” scenario)…just wish I’d thought to try urgent care first since it was early enough in the evening, since that would’ve been a lot cheaper :-/. Oh well.

  • Laura

    We’ve all been there! Still paying for two trips to the ER for seizures for my boys (febrile; nothing they could do) and one trip for my 28 y/o husband’s heartburn. 🙁

  • Jeremiah Fargo

    Thank you. This made me feel better today and I needed that.

  • KarenJo12

    That’s why emergency rooms exist. I’m glad your little one is okay.

  • Always better to be safe than sorry. Glad she’s ok!

  • NurseTammy

    My first job (pre kids of my own) was in a Pediatric ICU with an active trauma & cardiac surgery service. Needless to say, it turned me into a lunatic. I never learned how normal-non-PICU RNs decided when to take thier kids to the doctor and I ended up making mistakes on both ends of the continuum. This is a HARD call and I still goof it up. The day after I broke my arm, my daughter woke up with a paralyzed face and drove herself to the ED…I followed behind but I looked like a flipping mess of a woman with a painful broken limb and a kid with a paraylzed face and her dad wasn’t there since he is dead and all (bad day to be down an adult). The MD who saw us that day looked like he didnt know what to do with us. I saw him at work the other day and I wanted to say “See, look, Im almost normal!”

  • sullibe

    That’s okay, Simcha. I have 6 children, the oldest is 12, and I’ve worked in ECE on and off since 1997 – and we still average 2 trips to the ER every year, about 75% of the time, it’s nothing serious. Incidentally, I have had no fewer than 3 ER Docs in 3 different states tell me that “babies bounce”.

  • Andrea

    Really, Simcha?!? How can she be fine and happy with a mild diaper rash?!? Great way to minimize suffering! LOL I live and die by the dial a nurse service with my health plan. It is so hard to tell when to really worry.

  • MeanLizzie

    I am concerned about the I, um, oh. Part.

    • anna lisa

      Come on, cough it up Simcha. I am personally going to leap to conclusions.

  • Robin

    I’m soooo glad that she is okay. Very very good news. YOU are a great mom. SuperSimcha you are.

  • Susan

    I went to the ER with my third, who has gallstones. He had a high ish fever, so we went in. His fever broke there and he popped a tooth. Diagnosis: teething or virus. It turned out to be both, as he hand, foot, and mouth. I felt silly.

  • Victor

    With nine children, how do you and your husband manage in this day and age with so little problems?
    I hear YA! A lot of praying helps. 🙂

  • anna lisa

    I hate that feeling when fear gets the upper hand. What I fear is that I *won’t* go in when it is truly called for. I think this is because of my father reading endless frightful things to me from medical journals about the kinds of diseases that people *get* in hospitals. When my sixth needed a spinal tap in the ER at three days of age, my father came with me because my husband was five hours away. A nurse came in and reached for my baby without using Purell, and my Dad almost ripped her a new one.
    I’m so sorry you had to go to the ER. That stinks.
    Crank up the heat and let her roam free without a diaper. Isn’t it funny how this makes them giddy with joy? What’s a little pee anyhow?

  • Tamara Hallman Pfanstiel

    I am an ER nurse with six kids. My son once woke up screaming in the middle of the night. He was seven, and not prone to nightmares. He kept holding his middle and reporting terrible pain. I put him in the tub and gave him Pepto and Gas X. But he continued to complain of terrible pain in his right lower abdomen. He felt warm and clammy to me (possibly the effects of the tub, in retrospect). Fearing appendicitis, at 3 am I put him in the van and drove half an hour to the local children’s hospital. They too, feared appendicitis. They put us in a room and we waited for the doctor to arrive. All of the sudden, he let loose with the most gigantic fart I have ever heard, followed by 2-3 minutes of tiny toots of the worst smelling gas I have ever encountered. Then he sat up on the bed, grinned and said, “Mama, I feel better. Can we go home?”

    Our official diagnosis? “excessive gas and flatulence”. God help me.

  • Thank you for this. It made me laugh so hard. And I needed a laugh. We had our 2yo in the ER last night, but it was for a much worse reason. She choked and stopped breathing. My momma heart is still hurting. This helped me smile 🙂