A few things

1.  Jen Fulwiler’s long-anticipated spiritual memoir, Something Other than God, is finally out! Well, it will be out in March, and available for pre-order in December. I love conversion stories, and Jen is such a clear, honest, compelling writer.  Here’s the cover, designed by John Herreid, who also did my book’s cover.

Can’t wait to read it!


2.  Rebecca Frech, author of Teaching in Your Tiara, has written a neat review of my book for Catholic Lane.  I was especially glad to hear from Rebecca because her immensely popular book is about homeschooling, and yet she does not treat me as a pariah for saying that, while some public schools are bad, there are others public schools where your kids can get a decent, non-soul-losing education.


I haven’t had a chance to read Rebecca’s book yet, but it sounds great — sensible and encouraging, funny and realistic.


3.  Something personal:  you may have noticed that I haven’t exactly written anything in a long, long time.  Just a lot of “Heyyyy, look at this neat thing” and “Boy, get a load of this.”  This is because I am feeling bad, and have been for a few months.  Can’t seem to shake it, and doing things like laundry and dishes are using up all the creative energy and ambition I can muster.  If you could say a quickie prayer for me (and my family, who of course bear the brunt of me feeling bad), I would be very grateful. Thanks.

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  • Danielle M.

    I understand the feeling bad thing, I’ve been there for longer than I care to document. I will pray for you today, I believe you can do such great things for so many of us other people feeling bad, when you are feeling better. strength and peace to you today, and thank you for showing up even when you don’t feel like it.

  • theevangelista

    Memorares for you and your family!

  • Nicola Grewatsch Torres

    I am sorry you are not feeling so well. I wish you a moment, where time stands still and you can stop and rest for a moment, define your inner compass again, without missing out on a single moment of your precious family. I enjoy your posts a lot, and many times find them therapeutic as they make me laugh and feel normal with my smallish large family (we have 5 little ones). Prayers for renewed creativity and fresh focus your way. Nicola

  • richard

    A Mass for you and Rosary prayers for you and your family.

  • Teresa Gallagher

    Praying for you Simcha! You make my life in Dallas much better with your posts. I hope you feel much better very soon.

  • Andrea

    Prayers and a beer if you ever make it to NYC!

  • Tina

    If I lived closer, I would bring you a meal and do your laundry, but since I’m half a continent away, I’ll have my class lift up our rosary for you today. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, don’t eat crap, and get enough iron and other nutrients. If a couple of weeks of that doesn’t help, get checked out by the doctor; we need you!

  • Patrick Tramma

    Expecting #10?

  • Sara McD

    Prayed and praying for you, Simcha. Feeling bad seems to be going around right now.

  • Stephanie

    Prayers going up right now, Simcha.
    Thank you for posting that you are feeling bad, btw. Sometimes it takes a fellow sister saying “ouch” to shake me out of my *own* feeling bad enough to pray for her, and feel better myself somehow!
    Makes that whole “one body in Christ” concept a little clearer.

  • Anne Bender

    Thank you for having the courage to share your feelings. I’ve been there, in a “feeling bad” place, for longer than I care to remember, in the not-so-distant past. I will pray for you. Your writing lights up my life. I hope that the prayers of all of those who benefit from your words on the internet will bring light to your life, as well.

  • Joseph Nelson

    Praying for you and yours!

  • Karyn

    Do writers get a sort of postpartum depression after “birthing” their books? I’m not a writer, so I don’t know, but maybe it’s the stress/excitement/relief of completing your book? My prayers are going out for you.

  • jenny

    I am praying right now, Simcha….

  • Praying for you.