Quick, before it’s Advent!

Enjoy listening to one of the most sublime musical accomplishments of the 21st century, which may or may not mesh well with your non-mocking, cynicism-shedding, satire-eschewing Adventy self:

Ahhhhhh.  Okay, now be good.

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  • richard

    Simple and meaningful.

  • TheReluctantWidow

    Some people are just way too clever. Enjoyed it, thank you!

  • Colet C. Bostick

    Satire-eschewing? Damn, girrrrl. Guess I’m giving up internet until December 25 then. And maybe Sundays.

  • jen

    i cannot stand the hymn “mary, did you know?” so THANK YOU!

  • Emily

    I have never liked the song “Mary Did You Know?”. It’s theologically iffy at best.

  • Naomi Kietzke Young

    My FAVORITE “hymn.” Thanks EVER so!

  • Stefanie

    As a longtime SW fan, I have tears in my eyes I can’t stop laughing — gosh, that was so perfect– every lyric gold. Thanks, Simcha!