First day on my new treadmill

I was like this:

But I went 1.45 miles at an average of 3 MPH, watched 2.4 episodes of Wonder Pets, and burned enough calories to make up for, like, an egg or something.  Before you know it, I’ll be like Detective Greg Medavoy: I turn sideways, and people question where I went.

But seriously, I am feeling much better, physically and emotionally.  Thanks for your prayers, you guys, and back atcha.



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  • Anna

    Heh, my husband thought we should start exercising more regularly; he likes running, but I like walking to the kitchen to get another cookie. I’m not overweight, but I am the most pathetically out of shape person on the planet. I’m like that lady in the Talking Heads movie, the title of which I can’t remember, who never gets out of bed because she’s so lazy and has a machine to feed her and such. Anyway, he gave me a spreadsheet with how far to jog and how long it should take and what setting on the treadmill that is. He told me that he started me at an easy jog for just half a mile. I tried it briefly at that pace (I think it would have been about a 13 or 14 min. mile) and then went upstairs to introduce myself to him since his faith in my exercise ability indicated that we’d never met before. Anyway, I can manage about half a mile in 8 min. and we can find that much time each evening, so it’s not too hard to stick to. It will probably be good for me. And good for you for finding the time!

    • Rebecca Fuentes

      Yesterday, my daughter wanted to know what sit-ups and push-ups looked like. I managed 1 sit up. I pulled something doing it. I didn’t attempt real push-ups; I showed her the wall version.

  • Eileen

    Good luck with the treadmill. We have an elliptical and it was hands down the best purchase for our health that we’ve made. No matter the weather – rain, snow, freezing cold or stinkin’ hot – there’s no excuse. ALso, we love being able to watch TV while exercising. My husband gave me a pedometer for Christmas – I’m committed to 10,000 steps each day and thanks to having our own indoor walking machine I’m able to do it.

  • anna lisa

    Exercise makes me eat more because I get extra hungry. It makes me feel better physically and psychologically. Lately,I’ve been guilty of looking at Groupon deals that promise to freeze my love handles off. Every time I feel extra tempted a kid will need something like SCHOOL BOOKS, or the car will need a friggin brake job.
    I wonder if freezing your fat off is a sin.

  • Melissa Hunter-Kilmer

    Still praying for you, Simcha. God bless you.