Oh, the internets just got a little Fisherier.  My husband has been writing much longer than I have, and finally put together a blog featuring a bunch of the weekly columns he does for his paper.  Gosh, if only someone had thought of this sooner, like years ago, like his wife or something!  I’m crossing my fingers that he will continue to put up little vignettes like this one from the other night, in which we discover that our house is so weird and creepy that not even the guy who flipped his car in the snow after midnight wanted to hang out very long.

To give you a general idea of what kind of material he covers, here are his tags:

“good” ideas ArachnidAdam Babies bad ideas banned in Boston Birds Butch at the dump call 91 and then wait to see what happens Captain BananasChildren Children are kind of terrible Christmas Clean Costumes cut them Dead demons did the house blow up? Dirty Dog names don’t shop fartsFatherhood fine art frozen kids Fuck Maine Geeks Geese Gift givinggifts Gin Halloween Ham Hem! Hot I am a Jerk I am a terrible father ice pops I hate it Irene makes things better I sweat when I eat Jeans kids will kill me kittens Locked out of the car by the dog lollipops MaineMarriage mole Mother Motherfucking Maine Mouse My children are geeksNovember Patrick Swayze poop Poopy Pants popcorn Princess ScreamypantsRaccoons Sadness Self delusion Self help Shirts snacks Spiderman Summersweater of shame The environment is terrible this is not Throat ripping outtricked into not looking like a hobotubby Turkey sucks Witness Protection for Parents
Yeah, that sounds about right.

Oh, man.  He’s blogging! He’s blogging!   Now I just need to harass him to include a photo of his chiseled, handsome face with the long eyelashes and the cleft chin, so I won’t have to keep using this one:

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  • Manny

    Did I see a tag labeled “Mother****ing?” I can’t even bring myself to spell that out…lol.

  • Lydia

    Now he needs a Facebook fan page so he can announce when he posts. Or have an email signup

  • Sarah

    Yay! More Fischers!

    The pile of tag-links reminds me to ask: when will you do another post of search terms poetry? My husband and I like to read the old ones aloud and laugh and laugh.

    • simchafisher

      Oh, I keep meaning to! I have a new tracking system which makes it harder to find the search terms, but that would be a good project for this weekend.

      • Sarah

        Fantastic! Also, I am sorry I misspelled your last name; I am a total noodlehead.

      • gregcamacho8

        Okay, in the meantime, I’ve been wanting to ask:

        Is your policy on what to wear to an invisible lobster baptism the same for cowboys and morons?

        And is Pope Francis really from Argentina, or just faking it to attract the “Señor Cardgage” demographic?

        So far, googling your archives for answers has been almost entirely no help. Thanks

  • Francine Weber

    Soooo I guess your husband doesn’t like Maine?

  • CT Catholic Corner

    I could have done without the “MotherF***ing” tag, but I loved “locked out of the car by the dog”. :)

  • Matthew

    I find the Fisher’s honesty incredibly refreshing. Looking forward to reading your husband’s blogs.

  • bob cratchit

    Anything NSFW? I just book marked this at work.

    • simchafisher

      The archives, at least, are totally safe for work – only the tags are a bit profane.

  • anna lisa

    I’m feeling *slightly* guilty about the comment I left yesterday on one of his posts. It was the one about the poor guy who flipped his car in the snow in front of your house. I laughed about the cage in the living room, and thought of all the strange and embarrassing things at our weird house too. So reminding him that it’s been in the 80s here was less “nahnahnahna nah nnah” and more about tempting him to move you guys back to his old stomping grounds. Think of all the weird things you could blog about! You would be permanently appalled while enjoying the climate. But the good weather kind of tires you out after a while.
    (On that note, I’m going to go read on the roof, where I have my temperpedic mattress, some plastic grass, and a market umbrella. :D I joined a book club, and am being forced to read an intellectual masterpiece. Blogs have given me reading- A.D.D.)

  • richard

    I am looking forward to reading them.

  • richard

    “Catechesis of the Iron Fist”. When I look back I consider myself to be fortunate to have undergone early on the discipline of instruction in the Faith.