I’ll be on Radio Maria’s “Meet the Author” at 3:00 eastern

Radio Maria’s “Meet the Author” with Ken Huck at 3:00 eastern — and yes, it will be live this time. Hope you can catch it!

I thought yesterday’s interview with the Catholic Doctors was live, but it turned out we were taping. I will let you know when that interview will be broadcast — it was tons of fun!  Except for the few seconds of stunned silence after I described how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, which means that the caterpillar’s body almost entirely dissolves into a horrible caterpillar soup, and, with special instruments, you can detect an agonized groaning noise the whole time; and that is what love is like.  On the plus side, I managed not to say “asshole” until I was off the air.


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  • Guest

    To whom was the “a—hole” line directed. P.S. You’re getting better. :)

  • Tony G. Pizza

    To whom was the “a–hole” line directed? P.S. You’re getting better.

    • simchafisher

      Oh, not at anybody. One of the doctors was telling me how he often has to remind his older male patients that, just because they now have Viagra, it doesn’t mean their wives should be ready for action 24/7. And I agreed and said that that was one of the lessons that people can learn from NFP: if you want to have a happy marriage, don’t act like an asshole.