Pray for Fred Phelps

He’s dying. Not only has he wounded countless people with his wretchedly evil “God hates fags” campaigns with the Westboro Baptist Church, he’s done enormous damage to the word “Christian.”  These are the works he brings with him as He goes to face God.  Pray for him, pray for him.

PIC God loves Fred Phelps


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  • Fr. Denis Lemieux

    May God have mercy on him, as we pray He has mercy on all of us sinners. Amen.

  • Kelly Seppy

    Jesus Christ, son of the living God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

  • Bill Brandon

    I forgive him and his followers for the harm they have done to all of us Christians. I hope those whom they harmed most — the families of soldiers who fell in battle, the same-sex attracted men and women who have endured hate and persecution and verbal and physical assault inspired by Fred Phelps’ words, and any others who were victims of his harmful teachings — will also forgive him and his followers. And yes, we must pray for him.

    In one of his exhortations, addressed to Secular Franciscans but just as applicable to those who do not repent, St. Francis said, “The devil snatches the soul from [the body of one who does not do penance] with such anguish and tribulation that no one can know it except he who endures it, and all the talents and power and ‘knowledge and wisdom’ (2 Chr 1:17) which they thought they had will be taken away from them.” That’s “anguish and tribulation” which we cannot even begin to comprehend, and it lasts eternally. If our prayers can somehow move Fred Phelps to repent, so that he does not experience that, it will be a good thing. I also pray that no one will endanger his or her own soul by wishing damnation on Phelps.

    Peace and good.