Passover/Easter/Daughters/Stoopid Gies

Happy Easter Tuesday! I’m apologizing in advance for this post being more-than-usually disjointed. I spent all yesterday cleaning my sons’ unspeakably foul room, and I woke up to discover that my spine had fused into a white hot solid. So I’m just tapping stuff out and whimpering for jelly beans. Here we go:

If John Singer Sargent came to our house, instead of this

PIC John Singer Sargent four sisters

he’d get this


  Pretty sure old J.S.S. would be up for it, too. Yes, we did take a more traditional Easter portrait of all nine kids. This is the best one:

She actually loved Passover, loved Easter Mass, loved making eggs, loved eating candy, but no no no, she did not want to have her picture taken.
We are on vacation this week, my husband has my car because his is in the shop, my back went out and I can barely move but HE IS RISEN, the sun is shining, and I can hobble over to the coffee machine. We’re still basking in the glow and leftover chopped liver of Passover

(yeah, I bask in chopped liver. It’s full of iron, great for skin, hair and nails). Here are a couple of shots of my parents:

The power went out and we had to roast the leg of lamb on the grill over wood gathered from the side of the road. And now my kids are keeping busy by inventing a new universe of superheros

 including Fledgling, who mercilessly fires poisoned Peeps at stoopid gies. Well, the stoopid gie had it coming!

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  • LJP

    Did Stoopid Gie eat too much Easter Chili? Yowza…looks like the poisoned Peeps are the least of that gie’s problems.

  • Kristen

    I am so glad I am not the only one with post-Easter back issues. Only I’m whimpering for peanut m&ms

  • ThereseZ

    I just love the swirl of the Passover and Easter celebrations mingling in your house, and the harmony of the way Passover prefigures and Easter completes, in lofty and humble ways. Thanks for taking the time out to write this.

  • richard

    Beautiful shots of your mother and father. I read your mother’s chapter in Honey From the Rock at the end of which she says she will do a sequel.

  • Melissa Hunter-Kilmer

    I’d love to hear some background on your husband’s faith! Seeing him in a yarmulke makes me wonder what’s up with that. 🙂

  • Claire

    You have a beautiful family, Simcha, and these photos capture the beauty of your tridium and Easter.

  • irena mangone

    Get better soon Simcha God bless you and your family