PSA: How to get contact lenses with an expired prescription

A few weeks ago, I ran out of contact lenses, tried to order more, and discovered that there is a stupid federal law that says they can’t fill prescriptions that are more than two years old. Okay, yes, it is a prescription and we can’t have prescriptions flying around all willy nilly. But these are contact lenses we’re talking about. It’s not as if, because there is no proper medical oversight, I’m going to succumb to a fit of melancholy and OD on Acuvue Advance with Hydraclear.

Anyway, here’s the solution: order lenses from Canada. They are quite a bit more expensive than the lenses I can buy in the states, but it’s still cheaper than going in for a new exam. I got mine from, and they arrived nine days after I ordered them.  I’m not getting a kickback or anything. Just sharing a tip in case you find yourself squinting at half the world like I was.

And here is a picture to remind us that everything is sexy, even sticking things on your eyeballs. Especially sticking things on your eyeball.


PIC woman sexily putting in contact lessons “Whoa mama. You put on that severe astigmatism just for me?”


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  • Julie

    I’ve worn contacts older than your prescription. Nothing happened. It’s still a sexy world.

  • Allison Grace

    Two years?! My place won’t sell me any if it’s been over one year. Just dropped $200 on a simple exam. Will check Canada!

    • ModerateMom17

      It’s one year here in Wisconsin too.

  • Kathryn Murphy

    I get mine via the UK at a much better price.

    They are daily wear lenses that I take out and clean so they last much longer (which is against every dr recommendation, I know). They don’t sell contacts for astigmatism however.

  • ModerateMom17

    Oh I’m glad you got them! They shipping isn’t fast, that’s the thing. Also a tip that has worked awesomely for moi. If you use Clear Care contact cleaner once a week you can safely and comfortably extend those two week lenses to a month of wear. My optometrist likens Clear Care to bleach, and regular solution to baby shampoo. It really helps with extending the wear time for us which is a huge money saver.

    • silicasandra

      Thanks for this tip! 🙂

  • faithandfamilyfirst

    So at the top of my browser there is an advertisement for colored contact lens, including a red pair that is marked “crazy” (not sure if that describes the color or the state of the individual ordering them). At any rate, are your ads tied to your columns so you get a kick-back or is this just a random coincidence?

    • simchafisher

      Some of the ads are pegged to content, which means that someone’s getting a kickback – but not me!

  • Deep Garcha

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  • Kate


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