The Million Dollar Jerk

Hi, I’m The Jerk.You might remember me from that time the League of Outraged Catholic Ladies had me censored for saying …Um, no. Look, all I said was K-Lo is kinda …Fine. I get the gist.Well, the outraged ladies have won, as Simcha has told me that I’m not allowed to do this movie review without an in-blog editor checking it to make sure I’m not being too offensive. Anyway, here he is, “Dr.” Johnboy Zmirak:Actually, I’d hate to. But speaking of onanism, here’s this … [Read more...]

Catholic context and Catholic noise

Sorting it out as the election rhetoric gets more and more hysterical … [Read more...]

Twelve movies to terrify your kids

Last night, a little voice told me to take out the part about There Be Dragons.  But I shouted that little voice down.So, any ideas for what to write about for Thursday?  I'm in such a rut.  Politics, blah.  Halloween, blah.  Stem cells, maybe I was wrong that it's good news, blah.  It turns out that, when you have eleven people, you can't just throw in a load of laundry here and there and still expect to be able to walk through your house without tripping over sour-smelling heaps of dirty cl … [Read more...]

Debates I’d rather see

"Be topical!" they said.  "Write more about news and current events, can't you?" they said.I'm a team player. … [Read more...]

Hope stems eternal from the cell of man

In case you needed another excuse to back away from the monsters. … [Read more...]

I have six minutes free!

For Seven Quick Takes.  See if you can figure out which one got the shaft, minutewise.  (Hint:  all of them.)1.  You guys.  We got cookies!The generous and talented Kate Essenberg sent us dozens of completely gorgeous cookies.  I took pictures.  Adorable, hilarious pictures of the kids in various stages of astonishment and glee as they discovered what was in the box.  Well, after three days of running various diagnostics and patches and rewiring and whatnot, my husband has discerned that … [Read more...]

Pro-choice Catholics worship an idiot God

Just listen to what he says. … [Read more...]