Stupid game for your Monday morning!

I don't know about you, but I had quite a weekend.  How about a stupid little game, to ease ourselves into another stupid week?Just open up a comment and press ctrl + V.  Whatever you copied last will get pasted in.  Then we'll see who we're dealing with here.Here's mine:hid his eyes behind his wing) Doubled the flames of sevenbranched candelabraDon't that make me sound smarty and arty?  It's from Eliot's The Wasteland, as Melanie Bettinelli surely knows.  But the truth is, some … [Read more...]

Catholic Speaker Month!

Voting opened yesterday at!  He's collected the names of 250 Catholic speakers, and is asking people to vote for their favorites -- or for lesser-known names who deserve more recognition.  You can choose 15 names.You may notice my name is on the list  -- thanks, Brandon!  I am now booking speaking engagements, mostly in the New England area for now, because Benny is only 8 months old and she wuvs her muvver.I am especially interested in finding a reason to be in the D.C. are … [Read more...]

Oh noez, he’s sending the wrong message!

Ms. Brown tried to walk forward to greet him, but she started tottering. Archbishop Dolan spotted her and jogged up the steps to help. Meanwhile, the school’s marching band burst into the Cardinal Hayes marching song, inspiring the archbishop to take Ms. Brown in his arms and twirl her around.The dancing lasted only for a minute or so, Mr. Meenan said, but he will not soon forget the image of the bearlike archbishop squiring Ms. Brown. He wore his black bishop’s garment and a pink cap; she wo … [Read more...]

The WWJD stick

Puh-lease. … [Read more...]

It gets me every time

Dostoevsky and Dumbo.Here, by the way, are some links to the books and movies I recommend.  Buying anything through these links will contribute to the "Don't Make Simcha's Children Wear Discarded Newspaper For Their Back-To-School Outfits" Fund.  Thanks!Sound and Sense by Laurence PerrineThe Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor DostoevskyFairy Tales (including "The Selfish Giant") by Oscar WildeMouse Tales by Arnold LobelFiddler on the Roof (DVD)The Iron Giant (DVD)Dumbo ( … [Read more...]

Children’s books about love (LINKS FIXED, I HOPE!)

Yay, a book post!  I decided to go with this instead of my original topic, which was wifely obedience, because I'm only 37 and I'm not ready to have my first stroke.As always, if you are inclined to buy any of the books I recommend (or to buy anything from Amazon!), it would be wonderful if you could click through using the links below.  I get a small percentage of the sale.  Thank you so much to my readers who have been clicking through!  It really ads up, and is a huge help.One Potato, … [Read more...]

Escape from Babyland!

My only question is, do other people say, "Ohh, by joe?" … [Read more...]