7 Quick Takes: Composting. See it happen.

SEVEN QUICK TAKES! Come on, you all know what the "quick takes" picture looks like by now.  It's on my computer somewhere, but I'll be damned if I can find it, and my computer is tearfully warning me that it just doesn't know what it might do if I open another tab.  I tried making it  yellow for authenticity's sake, but it hurt my eyes.  All right, here we go.1.  I almost never click on those touching or adorable "You'll never guess how he proposed!" or "Wow, what an original way to proce … [Read more...]


Guess what?  I've been putting a lot of old books on my 50 Books list, but today is different.  Today's book is so new that you have to pre-order it.AND, I wrote part of it!  Yes, inching my way slowly and angrily toward actually writing my own damn book, I was delighted when the strange and wonderful Ryan Charles Trusell of Labora Editions -- YOU KNOW, THE ORA ET LABORA ET ZOMBIES GUY -- asked me to join Dorian Speed, Dan Lord, and Brandon Vogt in writing short essays on the theme of Advent … [Read more...]

10 good news

Including, but not limited to, ham. … [Read more...]

50 Books: Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters

Today's pick:Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters by John SteptoeA simple and satisfying story of two daughters, based on an African folktale.  One daughter has a gentle and generous heart, and she is tested and rewarded; one is petty and grasping, and she gets what she deserves.  The story is engaging and nicely phrased, but the illustrations are what makes this book a real delight.They are absolutely luminous, deeply textural, warm, and brilliant.  The subtle expressions on the faces of the tw … [Read more...]

50 Books: Hokusai!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted today's book to have a nice tie-in with today's post, but, it doesn't.  But it has something much, much better:  HOKUSAI!The book I looked over a thousand times when I was little isMasterworks of Ukiyo-E: Hokusai Sketches and PaintingsIf you think that Japanese art is stiff, formal and impenetrable to Western eyes, then your cure is HOKUSAI!  You probably know his famous "Great Wave off Kanagawa"This is a woodblock print.  A WOODBLOCK PRINT.  Have you ever tried to do a p … [Read more...]

A pre-pre-Christsmas gift

Last night, all night long, I had a dream that I was working on a post about why you should vote for Romney.  So you see, even my dreams are running behind schedule.  The good news is, today's post is 100% certified Romney-free, and is actually very forward-thinking.  New book pick in a bit! … [Read more...]

Oh, I forgot!

. . . Sed Noli Modo put up the interview she did with me a while back, for Catholic Speaker's Month.  Check it out! … [Read more...]