Nativity Story Movie for Lent

As you can see, The Nativity Story is being released on DVD on March 20th. If you search the archives of my blog for December 2006 you'll find plenty of commentary and links on this lovely film. I think The Nativity Story is a perfect Scriptural reflection for Lent as we consider the public life of Jesus and the events that led to Good Friday and Easter Sunday. The characters who populate the Gospels asked: Who is this man, this Jesus of Nazareth? Where does he come from? Who were … [Read more...]

Amazing Grace the Movie

  To say that February 23, 2007 marked an important anniversary in world history and in human progress would be a great understatement. Two hundred years ago, largely through the efforts of a frail man consumed by his conviction of the inhumanity and evil of slavery, the British Parliament voted to end the slave trade within its empire. The man was William Wilberforce, and director Michael Apted’s new film, Amazing Grace, is his story.   The S … [Read more...]

Sr. Rose’s Oscar Picks 2007

       Friday, February 23, 2007Oscar-nominated films shed light on the human conditionBy Sister Rose Pacatte, FSPAccording to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science web site, the goal of the organization is to honor "outstanding achievements, thus encouraging higher levels of quality in all facets of motion picture production." ( Of the 53 nominated films this year, I have seen 29 and almost all have achieved an admirable level … [Read more...]

Astronaut Farmer Movie

Charlie Farmer (Billy Bob Thorton; Sling Blade, Monster’s Ball)is a former pilot on track to fulfill his dream as an astronaut for NASA. When his father dies tragically, he quits the program to return home and save the family farm. He marries Audie (Virginia Madsen; Sideways) and they have three children, all of whom support Charlie’s dream of going into space. Charlie becomes tired of waiting, however, and he and his son, Shep (Max Theriot; The Pacifier, Nancy Drew) start to build a spaceship in … [Read more...]

Upcoming films reveal stories of slavery and human trafficking

Upcoming films reveal stories of slavery and human traffickingBy Sr. Rose Pacatte, FSP SPECIAL TO THE TIDINGSWith an estimated 28 million people worldwide living today as slaves, the Los Angeles-based Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (CAST) hosted an eighth anniversary celebration Feb. 11 designed to bring awareness to two new films that highlight both the abolition of slavery and the state of slavery and human trafficking today. The event in Brentwood also honored … [Read more...]

Children and the Media: A Challenge for Education

(Posted here with permission of Papal Message for World Communications Day "Beauty Inspires and Vivifies Young Hearts and Minds" VATICAN CITY, JAN. 24, 2007 ( Here is the message Benedict XVI wrote on the occasion of World Communications Day 2007, which will be observed May 20 with the theme: "Children and the Media: a Challenge for Education." * * * Children and the Media: a Challenge for Education Dear Brothers and Sisters, 1. The theme … [Read more...]

The Painted Veil Movie

Kitty (Naomi Watts) is a young London socialite. Her parents (Alan David; Maggie Steed) want to marry her off and invite Walter Fane (Edward Norton) to a party. By the next day he asks to marry her – which she does. He is a bacteriologist working in Shanghai. They travel there and soon, bored and not in love, she and a diplomat from the British embassy, Charles Townsend (Liev Schreiber), begin an affair. Walter discovers the affair and gives Kitty a choice: she can follow him to an inland v … [Read more...]

Freedom Writers

Erin Gruell (Hilary Swank) is a brand new freshman-sophomore English teacher at a Long Beach, CA high school in 1994 – not long after the 1992 riots in Los Angeles. Racial tension between various gangs becomes obvious in her classroom from day one. Erin is overwhelmed by the lack of enthusiasm and antagonism in her students, as well as department head’s negative attitude toward the students.   Erin’s father (Scott Glenn) thinks she is wasting her time as a teacher. Her husband (Patrick Demps … [Read more...]

Media Mindfulness: Educating Teens about Faith and Media Book

Media Mindfulness: Educating Teens about Faith and Media By Gretchen Hailer, RSHM and Rose Pacatte, FSP Whether you are a Catholic high school teacher of any discipline, a catechist, or a youth minister, feel confident that you can educate teens in one of the most difficult yet crucial areas of their growth in faith. Beware! Sister Media and Sister Catechist have written an information-packed resource that also shares their sense of fun and exploration. You and your students might consider this … [Read more...]

Children of Men Movie

In 2027 the world’s youngest child dies at age 18 and humanity and the earth are slowly dying.  Instead of working for the good of its citizens, the government mandates fertility testing and sends people kits so they can choose when to die. The cityscape is filthy and dark.   Theo (Clive Owen) makes his way around London that is in decay, but outdoor advertising still manages to function. One day a bomb goes off near him so he decides to go visit an old friend, Jaspar (Michael Caine) w … [Read more...]