‘The Good Lie’ and the true story of the Lost Boys of Sudan

 Catholic moral theology teaches that it is never acceptable to lie. It also teaches that there is no such thing as a “good lie,” so the title of the film is unfortunate. But it is in literary reference to Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer, as the film demonstrates. During the Second Sudanese Civil War (1983–2005), thousands of boys and girls were orphaned when their parents were killed. Some of them were recruited to be child soldiers; others marched hundreds of miles to a refugee camp in Ke … [Read More...]


Dolphin Tale 2 (Take 2)

    It’s been a few years since Sawyer Nelson (Nathan Gamble) rescued Winter, a bottlenose dolphin. Winter was caught in a trap off the coast of Florida and had part of her tail amputated. Sawyer, Dr. Clay Haskett (Harry Connick Jr.), his daughter, Hazel (Cozi Zuehlsdorff), and the crew of the Clearwater Marine Aquarium are now faced with another challenge. The dolphin that had been Winter’s companion, Panama, has died, which sends Winter into a dep … [Read More...]

‘Orange Is the New Black’ star Michael Harney on playing ‘bad’ guys but keeping God close

From over at Fox411 (Fox News) on Facebook comes an encouraging interview with the actor Michael Harney:By Sasha BogurskyPublished September 24, 2014FoxNews.comActor Michael Harney plays prison counselor Sam Healy in "Orange Is the New Black." (Bryony Shermur)Michael Harney is best known … [Read More...]

“Faith-based vs. faith-filled in Hollywood: Is there a difference?” Guest post by Fr. Eddie Siebert, SJ

This is a "guest post" x two actually because it is my friend and Catholic media colleague Jesuit Father Eddie Siebert's weekly column for the National Catholic Reporter online and I want to share it here.The article explores faith-based programming and people of faith working in TV and film. … [Read More...]

‘The Roosevelts: An Intimate History’ best TV you may not be watching

  Last Sunday night, September 14, PBS began airing a 7-part, 14-hour documentary series about two U.S. presidents, Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt and his wife, Eleanor Roosevelt.This is another masterpiece by Ken Burns, that is, if you like interesting and … [Read More...]

‘The Identical’ a lot of Elvis but a little odd

"The Identical” is an odd film.The fictional story is that identical twin sons were born to a poor young couple in the rural south in the middle of the Great Depression, William (Brian Geraghty) and Helen Helmsley (Amanda Crew). That night, William attends a tent rally where the preacher, Reece W … [Read More...]

Do Christmas Movies Matter? Survey

 As I prepare to write a couple of columns for Christmas (deadlines in October), I would like to know if the experience of seeing a Christmas film ever did anything for you. In other words, did a reconciliation scene in a movie ever move you to make peace with someone, to say you're sorry? … [Read More...]

Searching for ‘Anne of Green Gables’ on Prince Edward Island

It was so nice to see this article pop up on my Facebook newsfeed this morning. I remember the first time I saw Kevin Sullivan's 1985 television movie about the red-haired Canadian orphan. I was immediately captivated by Megan Follow's performance - she was Anne. And Richard Farnsworth's Matthew - … [Read More...]

When the Game Stands Tall

 Football coach Bob Ladouceur (Jim Caviezel) leads the De La Salle High School team of Concord, California, that has had an 11- season, 151-game winning streak (1992– 2003). As the team prepares to go up against a formidable opposing team, Coach Ladouceur deals with a heart attack and the g … [Read More...]