Brothers Grimm, The

  In the late 1700’s in Germany a young boy, Jacob goes to search for medicine for his small sister. When he returns with a handful of beans instead of medicine, his brother Wilhelm browbeats him. After all, Jacob believes what the man told him about the beans, that they are magic and will cure his sister.   By 1796 the two brothers, Will (Matt Damon) and Jacob (Heath Ledger) have become a couple of charlatans who travel around French-occupied Germany ridding towns and villages of w … [Read more...]

Must Love Dogs

(I saw this film several weeks ago, so this is a little late and brief)   Sarah (Diane Lane), a teacher,  is recently divorced young forty-something whose family, headed by patriarch Bill (Christopher Plummer), is determined to get her back in the dating game. Her sister Carol (Elizabeth Perkins) lists her on an internet dating service. Meanwhile, Bill is stringing two ladies along. One of them is Dolly (Stockard Channing) who is eccentric and kind.   Sarah meets Jake (John … [Read more...]

Help Send Books of Comfort

From the website of the Daughters of St. Paul, The Daughters of St. Paul stationed in New Orleans are safe as well as all their employees. We are still trying to locate family members of some of our sisters, and ask for your prayers for their safety. We are grateful for the concern people have expressed, and unite in prayer for all those suffering from this devastation.God, our loving Father, you who know our weakness, hear our prayer. Give us the courage to face life's … [Read more...]

Hurricane Katrina

These are difficult days for our brothers and sisters in the area hit and effected by Hurricane Katrina. I was thinking that those of us who are watching or listening or reading about the devastation and rescue efforts go about our daily lives - such as watching movies and writing about them - and wonder what we can do to help. There seems to be such a disconnect between some aspects of daily life in America and the utter loss that our brothers and sisters are living through at … [Read more...]

Cinema for Kids in MY FRIEND

MY FRIEND CHILDREN'S MAGAZINE The only monthly Catholic kids magazine in the U.S Sneak Preview OCTOBER 2005 issue: (Order copies from ·        October is our Media Awareness issue on movies. Guest editor: Sr. Hosea Marie Rupprect! o       We’ll take “A Peek into the Reel World of Documentaries” with Susan Vogel-Misicka. Be sure to check out the cool movie production photos from Winged Migration and March of the Pen … [Read more...]

Locarno Film Festival – My Photo Gallery

Here are some photos from the Locarno Film Festival 2005 from the last four days and then my train trip back to Zurich. Some photos are of members of the ecumenical jury, the Quay Brothers and Ruben, a jury member from Switzerland, giving our SIGNIS-INterfilm award to the directors of LA NEUVAINE and FRATRICIDE. My memory card had to be replaced and I was not able to do so until almost the end of the festival. Hence, few photos. The shops in Locarno close for lunch and are closed on Sundays (!) … [Read more...]

Locarno Film Festival Ecumenical Prize and Award

Locarno Ecumenical Awards (from At the Locarno Film Festival (Switzerland), the Ecumenical Jury gave its Prize - which includes 20.000.- CHFr given by the Catholic Church and the Reformed church in Switzerland to assist distribution of the film in Switzerland - to "LA NEUVAINE" (Canada) directed by Bernard Émond.   "While many explicitly religious films fall short because of too earnest proselytising or alienating aspects of piety, "LA NEUVAINE" succeeds in presenting … [Read more...]

Nine Lives Locarno Film Festival 5

Nine Lives - winner of the Festival's Golden Leopard Award Directed and written by Rodrigo Garcia/ USA A mother cleans the floors of the Los Angeles County jail hoping for an early release and the warden is sympathetic. At all costs she wants to visit with her daughter, but the prison guards are mean and uncaring. A troubled young woman bearing a gun visits her younger sister with the intention of confronting their father for something he has done to her in the past. A divorced wife goes to the … [Read more...]

Locarno Films Part 4

A Perfect Day Directed by Joana Hadjithomas, Khalil Joreige/ France, Lebannon, Germany It is present day Beirut. One morning, a young man and his mother go to a lawyer's office to have his father declared legally dead so that they can move on with their lives. He has been missing for about fifteen years, since the civil war. The wife/mother wants her son to stay home with her and mourn the death of their loved one, but he wants to see his girlfriend who is avoiding him and he does not … [Read more...]

Locarno Films Part 3

La Neuvaine (The Novena) Directed by Bernard Emond, Canada, 2005   A middle-aged woman doctor lost a son when he was a child. She was unable to save him. When a young woman comes into the emergency room with her child, it is obvious the woman has been beaten up. The doctor encourages her to leave her husband, and gives the woman a card with her phone number on it. The young mother calls later and the doctor takes her and the baby to a shelter. The husband follows the doctor to the shelter a … [Read more...]