Vanishing Point (1997) new DVD release

Jimmy Kowlaski, played by Viggo Mortensen before he became Aragorn, is a young ex-race car driver who served in the original Gulf War as an Army Ranger. He and his wife Raphinia (Christine Elise) live in rural Idaho and do not have much money. Jimmy is partners in a garage business and occasionally delivers refurbished race cars to their owners for extra cash.   He leaves his wife in bed at home to deliver a car; she is very pregnant and there is certain to be complications for her delivery … [Read more...]

National Film Retreat 2005

"The magic of movies and the Sacraments. The Holy Spirit revealed in challenging, surprising and delightful ways.  Creative interchange. Mutual support. Imaginations on fire!  Not bad for a retreat.  What a great experience!" •  Bob Bonnot, Senior VP for Programming, The Hallmark Channel 6th Annual         National Film Retreat   Theme:  The Seduction of Power   “Nearly all men can stand adversity; but if you wan … [Read more...]


                                                   Millions:                              When Fantasy, … [Read more...]

Bride and Prejudice

Bride and Prejudice is the third film written and directed by Gurinder Chadha (who was born in Kenya and grew up in London) that I have seen and thoroughly enjoyed. The others are What’s Cooking? (2000) about ethnically and culturally diverse families in Los Angeles who celebrate the challenges of Thanksgiving and Bend It Like Beckham (2002) about a teen daughter of Indian Sikh’s living in the U.K. who defies her parents to play soccer. All three films explore the tension between growing up, cul … [Read more...]

The Pacifier

Navy S.E.A.L. Shane Wolf (Vin Diesel) is in charge of a snatch and extract mission: he is assigned to bring Professor Howard Plummer (Tate Donovan), who has been kidnapped because of the military secret he has developed, to safety. Just when they are about to board a helicopter after his rescue, Plummer stops to call his wife and five children. Shane turns his back, the enemy attacks; Shane is shot and the professor is killed.   After Shane recovers, he is assigned to guard the five Plummer … [Read more...]

Diary of a Mad Black Woman

Charles (Steve Harris), a successful Atlanta attorney attends an awards dinner in his honor with his wife Helen (Kimberly Elise). Hers is the voice-over as she writes in her diary about her childless marriage of 18 years. On the way home from the dinner, Charles practically pushes Helen out of the car in front of their huge mansion. Helen knows he has a mistress, but he will not admit it.   The next day, their anniversary, Helen takes lunch to Charles at the office and she meets the … [Read more...]

Man of the House

Texas Ranger Roland Sharp (Tommy Lee Jones) and his partner are trying to track down a witness who can testify against a drug lord. They visit the ex-con Reverend Percy Stevens (Cedric the Entertainer) at his church because he was in jail with the witness. He denies being in touch with his former cell-mate and tries to run just when the witness calls the Reverend on his cell phone. The Reverend hides the phone up the behind of a cow, and Roland Sharp gets to extract it; this does not do a lot … [Read more...]


Hitch (Will Smith) is a romantic comedy about  a New York “date doctor” or “consultant” who advises guys on how to get to first base, and then maybe second or third, with a girl.   Hitch won’t take on just anyone, however. He turns down a financial executive, Vance (Jeffrey Donovan), because he makes it obvious he only wants to use women, not woo them in view of a commitment.   Then, across town, there’s a gossip columnist, Sara, (Eve Mendes) who is following the romantic fortunes … [Read more...]

Oscars 2005: My Guess List

Oscars 2005: Who will win? Here's my best guess list based on buzz as well as the quality of the productions. Sometimes I may not like the message or subject matter of a film, but it would be impossible for me to ignore its artistic or emotional impact. I did not see BORN INTO BROTHELS but have read about it and heard about it from friends; AUTISM IS A WORLD is another one I didn't see, but a favored topic (as is the Holocaust, e.g. SR ROSE'S PASSION but I am taking a guess … [Read more...]

My Oscars 2005

Given the nominations, there are no clear front-runners for any category, except Best Director, which I think Martin Scorsese deserves. However, I live in hope. I have seen all these films except BORN INTO BROTHELS, SR. ROSE'S PASSION and THE CHORUS, but I am going by what I have read and heard from friends- which can be risky, true, but I am hoping for the best. I eliminated a couple of categories because I hadn't seen nor heard of them before. I think the following deserve … [Read more...]