Smart people saying smart things (9.3)

Jon Corvino on why renegade Kentucky clerk is not a conscientious objector. Julie Ingersoll on David Barton and Reconstructionism/dominionism. Elias Isquith on Trump and white male anxiety. Derek Penwell on fundamentalism. And T. Christian Miller’s long, depressing investigation on why nobody’s using ViCAP. [Read more...]

The uncanny sex fiends of Christianity Today (No. 3)

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Ed Stetzer’s hasty guesstimate that 400 church leaders might possibly be resigning quickly morphed into a fact that metastasized and spread. Now lots of people “know” that “400 pastors resigned after Ashley Madison hack,” even though nothing like that actually happened. [Read more...]

It’s a wondrous world of ridiculous things


“I went to a Christian college. You would be expelled if you were caught in a movie theater. It was ridiculous.” Farewell to the Wheaton grad who gave us Freddy Krueger. Also: Creationists lying about Jesus; a possible McKinley/Denali compromise; the end of August Blues; and the coolest tattoo story. [Read more...]

10 Other Things That Are Going to Happen Within 15 Days of the End of Shemitah

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CharismaNews brings us the bold prophecies of one Michael T. Snyder in his prophetic post, “10 Things That Are Going to Happen Within 15 Days of the End of the Shemitah.” Here, I aim to meet his challenge with 10 prophesies of my own. Please note that my prophesies are even more concrete and specific than Snyder’s list — and every bit as meaningful. [Read more...]

The uncanny sex fiends of Christianity Today (No. 2)


There’s no scandal here. The man isn’t an apostate or a heretic, a betrayer, a deceiver or a sinner. He got lonely. Treating this like a scandal is just cruel and wrong. [Read more...]

The uncanny sex fiends of Christianity Today (No. 1)


To play up the claim that this is newsworthy, CT tries to portray this man’s “fall” as part of a trend affecting all of society. That larger trend, in CT’s view, doesn’t have anything to do with the ongoing pattern of repressed social conservatives exposed for the hypocrisy of their private lives. Of course not. For CT, the trend can only be the same trend they see everywhere — the narrative of decline that sees libertine liberals threatening to turn America into Sodom due to their no-co-pay birth control and their equality under the law for LGBT people. [Read more...]

Smart people saying smart things (8.30)

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Glenn Greenwald on “journalists” against journalism. Jeet Heer and Sarah Posner on Donald Trump. Eric Foner on pseudo-politics and psycho-politics. And a Martin Luther King Jr. speech that revisionist fantasists like to pretend doesn’t exist because they’re too busy attributing out-of-context W.E.B. DuBois quotes to Margaret Sanger so they can play-act like they’re Bonhoeffer fighting Hitler. [Read more...]

Sunday WTF?

About three months later Judah was told, “Your daughter-in-law Tamar has played the whore; moreover she is pregnant as a result of whoredom.” And Judah said, “Bring her out, and let her be burned.” As she was being brought out, she sent word to her father-in-law, “It was the owner of these who made me pregnant.” And she said, “Take note, please, whose these are, the signet and the cord and the staff.” [Read more...]

Liberation and apocalypse in a country song


The piped-in music at the Big Box has been playing country music this week, leading to the following reflection on two distinct visions of liberation in the work of popular theologian Martina McBride. And, because I’ve read too many InterVarsity Press books over the years, I have included a list of questions for further discussion. [Read more...]

Maybe we’re on TV


It’s a sad day here on Planet Lovetron, so grab a ball, go find an 8-foot rim, and slam down a dunk to remember the one-and-only Darryl Dawkins. Also: Living in the future; some Oscar predictions; and the difficulty nowadays in discerning farce from satire. [Read more...]