Good news for your customers is good news for your business


This isn’t how our CEO will react to this happy news for Bob and for 700,000 more of our customers. Our CEO, like most CEOs, has lost the ability to think of our customers as people with jobs and budgets. So he won’t be thinking, “Woohoo! 700,000 of our customers just got a raise!” He’ll be thinking, “Ohnoes! Wage increases in the retail sector could lead to higher labor costs — I must oppose this!” And he won’t hesitate to try to screw over 700,000 — or 7 million, or 70 million — of our customers if that’s what it takes to oppose the slightest possibility of the potential of the shadow of maybe a slight increase in labor costs. [Read more...]

Celebrate World Pistachio Day!


In the spirit of World Pistachio Day, I invite you to mark the occasion with my own clumsily transparent attempt at crass commercialism in support of something tasty and nutritious. What goes better with pistachios than your very own eBook copy of “The Anti-Christ Handbook”? [Read more...]

Republicans saying Republican things (2.25)


Republicans tell us what they think about establishing an official religion, about welfare, immigration, bisexuals, evolution, black people, and, of course, rape. One also has a theory about how cancer works, while another has a question about vaginas. [Read more...]

‘The Anti-Christ Handbook’ reaches No. 1* on Amazon!

Screen shot 2015-02-25 at 2.47.11 PM

“The Anti-Christ Handbook” is now a No. 1 best-seller on Amazon. (Sub-category Kindle Store; sub-category Kindle eBooks; sub-category paid; sub-category Religion & Spirituality; sub-category Christian Books & Bibles; sub-category Theology; sub-category Eschatology.) The very top of its sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-category! Number 1! [Read more...]

Jesus is a franchise in their food courts


Huckabee hearts Herod; Christian-brand media reaches the reached; despite bankruptcy, Amish romance novel supply is secure; “She stands up on a night train;” David Barton’s record-breaking athletic history; and a heartfelt plea to Save the Bros. [Read more...]

Niebuhr and Aristotle and Jay Smooth


You can learn a lot about ethics and human nature from reading the collected works of Reinhold Niebuhr, plus the Nicomachean Ethics, and, say, Stanley Hauerwas and Alasdair MacIntyre. Or you can just watch this five-minute video from Jay Smooth, which sums it all up and stitches it together quite nicely. [Read more...]

Who was more Catholic: St. Francis or Torquemada?


This framework grants an advantage to one kind of religion over the other. One strain is rewarded with the presumption of authenticity. The other is punished with the presumption of a lack of conviction. That grants the former greater influence within the religious tradition, and greater influence in the larger society. I’d prefer we didn’t do that. [Read more...]

‘The Anti-Christ Handbook’ now available on Amazon

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I should warn you that purchasing this collection will almost certainly mean that you won’t be Raptured. I don’t believe that Killer Vengeance Jesus is coming back to snatch away all the Real, True Christians, but in the unlikely event that such a thing does happen, the possession of this e-book will almost certainly disqualify you from being whisked off to Heaven. You will be left behind with the rest of us sinners. [Read more...]

The acid guile is sucking at your shoes


The position of missionaries can produce exotic invasive religion and theological Spam. Also: Too much snow; on the varieties of religious education; good news from Oslo; and the necessity of eloquent profanity. [Read more...]

Smart people saying smart things (2.23)

Wendell Berry on the gospel of war; Addie Zierman wishes youth ministers would stop urging kids to “stay strong for God;” Elizabeth Stoker Breunig on religious authenticity; and Rod Dreher remembers his days as a Real, True Christian awaiting the Rapture. [Read more...]