Sunday favorites

“We must love one another or die.” [Read more...]

Immersing their babies, they pluck them from Hades


Live from Chesco it’s Saturday Night Links, featuring Tony Soprano, Hello Kitty, Gordie Lachance, Tommy Carcetti, Andy Dufresne, Pele, David Roberts, Rick Santorum, Billy Graham and Pope John Paul II. [Read more...]

‘They’re evil humans. They are butchering children for a living’


Janet Mefferd perfectly illustrates what C.S. Lewis described as “a determination to cling” to a deliberate lie “for the sheer pleasure of thinking your enemies are as bad as possible.” [Read more...]

Would-be believers beat plowshares to spears


Some Friday links caked in a crusty pink lotion, including: The Founding Fathers on Facebook; everyone doesn’t have to do everything; James Earl Jones as Lionel Barrymore; Father Play-by-Play; and more good news for ALS fundraisers. [Read more...]

Chemtrails & Creationists: ‘Biblical inerrancy’ as conspiracy theory


“Inerrancy” is a kind of conspiracy theory. In this framework, theologians and biblical scholars are the equivalent of Air Force spokesmen. Seminaries are Area 51 (“they” will never admit what really goes on in there). [Read more...]

Smart people saying smart things (8.28)

Rebecca Mead profiles Mary Beard, “The Troll Slayer.” A rabbi and an imam on Gaza. Caroline Schleier Cutler on a story so important the Bible includes it three times. Stephen Eric Bronner on “The Bigot.” And Robin McKie on the slow, inevitable doom of Miami. [Read more...]

Kirk Cameron’s Citizen Cane


The movie’s unoriginal tag line — “Put Christ Back in Christmas” — follows that same Fox agenda of asserting sectarian hegemony. But Cameron also seems intent on also defending all the rest of the cultural accretions associated with the holiday — Christmas trees, boughs of holly, stockings, candy canes, partridges in pear trees, silver bells, Black Friday … maybe even Frosty and Rudolph — as being specific, sectarian expressions of Christian faith. [Read more...]

War: Because, hey, what’s the worst that could happen?

"What's the harm ...?"

As jaw-droppingly awful as it is to realize that Bill Kristol hasn’t learned anything from his complicity in the biggest, deadliest blunder of a generation, it’s just as awful to realize that many others haven’t learned anything from that mistake either. [Read more...]

Night falls, Mr. Moonlight


Do you know what day it is? Come on, say it … it’s link-day. Why Ken Ham is worse than Harold Camping. Monopolists who denounce competition as “socialism.” Plus @KilljoyProphets, 19th-century creationists, and how churches are like the Baltimore Police Department from “The Wire.” [Read more...]

Innocent? He was a violent thug — a vandal who threatened to tear down a House of God

Disgrace is a vital weapon for the Powers That Be. It’s their main tool — perhaps even more than physical violence — for ensuring that they remain the Powers That Be. That’s why they thuggify and dehumanize Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin just the same way that Rome thuggified and dehumanized Jesus Christ. [Read more...]