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Defining and Defending Religious Freedom

SOULJOURN: the book and the journey of interfaith explorationI believe that the best way to preserve religious freedom and diversity in America is to make sure no particular religious sect dominates the society or gets preferred status from the government.  What do you think?The freedom to practice religion, with neither the interference nor the endorsement of the government, is sacred to Americans. It's explicitly protected in our Constitution. And it's largely the reason that religion … [Read more...]

The Varieties of God

SOULJOURN:  The novel and the journey of interfaith exploration....I offer here a categorization and listing of ways that people think about God, across the boundaries of world religions.  It's far from complete.  Some categories overlap with each other.   I offer this list in order to stimulate my own thinking, and hopefully yours, about the tremendous variety of ways that people have tried to define or begin to comprehend Ultimate Reality.(Special thanks go to Roger Christian Schriner f … [Read more...]