A Prayer for Mealtimes

Fast from all food or caloric drinks until 5 PM

During your fast, perhaps at the time you would normally eat a meal, write a prayer for your mealtimes.  Try to incorporate thanksgiving for all of the aspects of the meal–the creation, the laborers who brought the meal from the land, those who prepared the food.  Also, think about the aspects of the meal that may not be pleasing to God–the animals that may have been abused, the land that might have been destroyed, the farm workers who may have been exploited.  Ask for forgiveness for these aspects of your meal and for God to guide you to good choices in your eating.  Pray that God will help you expand your table to those who have no food.  Pray that your table will be a place of health for those who have an unhealthy relationship with food.  Create as comprensive yet simple prayer as you can–one that can be used daily.

Share your prayers in the comments.

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