The Election is Over and Christ is the King

Today is the last feast day of the Christian year–the Solemnity of Christ the King.  It is a fairly recent feast day, instituted in 1925 by Pope Pius XI who was worried about the increasing nationalism he saw creeping across the world.  Instead of baptizing this flag waving, Pope Pius created a feast to remind us that Christ is King and his kingdom is our first allegiance.

Coming out of an election season where so many treated their candidate as some savior, it is fitting that we pause today and celebrate the reality that Christ is King, not because of an election, but because of a crucifixion that reclaimed the world for love.  So today, take down the flag if you have one.  See if you cant get the “stars and stripes” out of your church if it is there.  We are a part of a kingdom with all colors of skin, all kinds of accents, we come from many places and nations, and yet our only allegiance should be to one–the Kingdom of God.  Today meet with your cell group (aka church) and plan the revolution.

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