Despised Members

Embed from Getty Images At one time or another almost every Christian will hear a sermon on 1 Corinthians 12, where Paul compares the church to a body and talks about the unity of the body’s members. Quite naturally the preacher will use the passage to urge his or her congregation to greater unity. Here [Read More…]

Polished Stones

I can’t say for sure, but I think this is our seventh, maybe eighth, trip to the Oregon coast. My first trip was shortly after M and I got married. My life as a Malmgren was just starting then and just as that trip was full of new beginnings this trip is full of finality. [Read More…]

Giving God Counsel?

Larry Walters, my home teacher, stopped by the house Sunday evening for a chat. We talked for at least an hour on our front porch, though I know that Larry was anxious to get back to his family. He had grandchildren coming in from out of town last night, but he made more than a [Read More…]

More Important than the Resurrection: Christ in the World

Embed from Getty Images Mormons have few set prayers, but those for blessing the bread and wine (for historical reasons we use water today) are set. The prayer said over the wine/water is a slightly condensed version of that said over the bread, which is: O God, the Eternal Father, we ask thee in the [Read More…]

Calling Out a Spirit of Unwelcome

For thirty months many years ago I was a missionary for the LDS Church in a country that no longer exists. There is another, related, similar country, modern South Korea. But the Korea I knew in the late 60s was only a distant ancestor of the Korea that exists today, at least as distant as [Read More…]