Your Aura Colors & Relationships; Violets, Yellows, Blues and Tans

Your Aura Colors & Relationships Since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, we thought it would be fun to share some insights on love and relationships – whether you’re single or in a great relationship. Why are some people compatible with you and you feel instantly comfortable with them, while others can rub you the wrong [Read More…]

Changing Your Beliefs

Changing Your Beliefs Pamala Oslie   When something in our life makes us unhappy, we often attempt to change the outer circumstances:  quit the job, get a divorce, move to another city, go on a diet.  We have been taught to fix things outside of us, when we really need to change our inner beliefs.  [Read More…]

YELLOW/GREEN Aura Color Personality – Strengths & Inner Conflicts

YELLOW/GREEN Aura Color Personality – Strengths & Inner Conflicts   Many of you Yellows have added Green in your aura to accomplish your dreams, so you’re not really a Yellow/Green combination. However, the same issues, strengths and inner conflict listed here will still apply to you because you have both colors in your aura now. [Read More…]