Gift Ideas for Violet and Yellow Aura Colors

Gift Ideas for the Different Aura Colors   Psychic and author Pamala Oslie, Founder of, has created a list of gift ideas for the different aura color personalities to help you with your holiday shopping. Instead of just guessing what to buy someone, why not benefit from this information about a person’s personality to [Read More...]

The Birth of a New Era! December 21, 2012‏

BIRTH 2012 The Birth of a New Era! December 21 – 22, 2012   Check out the great 3-minute video. There’s also a Global Webcast! This is very cool – so I’m passing the information onto you!   There comes a time when the global community come comes together in joyful communion to set a [Read More...]

How to Be Fulfilled at Work

How to Be Fulfilled at Work Everyone is different, with a different personality, work style, list of values, and needs. Once people’s needs and preferences are met, they’re much happier and ultimately more productive at work. So what personality type are you – and what will make you happy and fulfilled with your work? Your [Read More...]