Yellow and Blue Aura Color Personalities & How They Can Accomplish Their Dreams

Yellow and Blue Aura Color Personalities & How They Can Accomplish Their Dreams by Pamala Oslie   The following briefly describes the personalities and the dreams of the different aura color personalities. There are also tips on what they can do to accomplish their dreams.   YELLOWS Yellows are some of the most fun-loving, free-spirited, energetic, [Read More…]

There’s not Enough…

There’s not Enough… Pamala Oslie   Many People believe there is not enough love, money, food, water, or other resources for everyone to be happy and fulfilled. This is simply not true. The Source is infinite, and we are unlimited in our ability to create what we need. When we begin to believe and trust [Read More…]

Influencing the Weather

Influencing the Weather  By Pamala Oslie   You can extend the power of your thoughts far beyond merely affecting your body. You can influence the weather and your environment.   When I arrived in Maui, Hawaii, late one night, the weather report said that it would be raining on the entire island for days. That [Read More…]