How to Recognize a Tan Aura Color

How to Recognize a Tan Aura Color November 4, 2019

You may have connected with a Tan Aura if he or she…

  • is practical, logical and responsible.
  • prefers to earn a steady paycheck.
  • has a job that deals with details (I.E. engineer, architect, computer programmer, bookkeeper, researcher)
  • keeps most thoughts and feelings to himself/herself.
  • is practical and conservative with money.
  • is cautious when making decisions, needs to hear all the facts.
  • consistently and steadily works for years – usually at the same company
  • makes safe investments to plan for retirement.
  • prefers to plan things out; is not spontaneous.
  • remains rational and steadfast in a crisis.
  • does not like change or trying new things.
  • methodically shares every detail of a story.
  • takes a long time to get to the point.
  • talks about what he or she thinks, rather than how he or she feels — think is a Tan Auras word.
  • drives a sensible, practical or inexpensive, but safe car.
  • wears glasses, and especially needs them at work.
  • is not trendy, preferring instead to be practical.
  • tends to watch the news or the business reports on television.
  • is steady and predictable; does not really enjoy surprises.
  • needs facts, data, and scientific evidence before believing something is true.
  • habitually does the same thing, in the same way every day.
  • can be stubborn and set in his or her ways.
  • Famous Tan Auras: Clint Eastwood (Tan/Violet), Tommy Lee Jones (Tan/Violet), and Harrison Ford (Yellow/Tan).

Pamala Oslie is an author, consultant, radio show host, professional psychic intuitive, and aura expert. Pamala has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, The Dr. Oz Show, The View, The Ricki Lake Show, Coast to Coast with George Noory, Hallmark’s Better TV, Gaiam TV with Lisa Garr, and many other television and radio shows. She has also been featured in many national magazines.

Pam is the Founder of AuraColors a site designed to help you create love, joy and fulfillment in EVERY area of your life. She also developed LoveColors, this site is designed to help you find love and friendships by matching you with people who have compatible aura colors.

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