The Dusty Altar

Since I was a small child, I have suffered bouts of depression. Most of the time I muddle through but a few times it has been crippling: the kind where you spend months in bed, looking down at yourself and thinking, “JUST GET UP. JUST DO IT.” But you don’t. Because you can’t. I’ve been in remission [Read More…]

Music Man

Recently I stopped by a music store in town to buy banjo strings. I hadn’t been in the store for at least ten years. I remembered it as a hive of kids and grown-ups trying out guitars, pianos, and clarinets, browsing through racks of sheet music and instruction books, going in and out of the [Read More…]

Loving-kindness as a Spiritual Practice

Every spiritual path begins with a purification stage. In the mystic way of Christianity, we have the purgative way, the illuminative way, and the unitive way. In Buddhism, we have the three trainings of virtue, concentration, and wisdom. Purification is the foundation for any genuine spiritual path. But what is morality or ethics all about? [Read More…]

PODCAST: SN Today #2: The Humble Approach to Knowledge

Episode 2: Naturalists include Humanists, skeptics, Freethinkers, atheists, agnostics, and other rationalists, but how do Spiritual Naturalists approach knowledge and claims, as a part of their spiritual practice and what are the important differences in our approach? Click here to get Email notices of new episodes and SNS articles Learn about Membership in the Spiritual Naturalist [Read More…]

AWESM: Ancient Wisdom for Everyone from Seneca and Marcus #2

Reflection Two: On Pain In 2001, I injured my back lifting a box of books from the back of my car. I had never experienced such sudden, excruciating pain. For nearly three weeks, I could barely walk. Slowly, very slowly, the pain receded, and I was finally able to get on with my life. Little [Read More…]

Get Our Latest Book!

Our latest book is now available! Exploring Spiritual Naturalism, Year 2: An Anthology of Articles from the Spiritual Naturalist Society is a collection of articles from our second year of operation. This book contains the work of 12 authors and thinkers in naturalistic spirituality, plus a foreword by prominent religious naturalist author and professor, Donald A. Crosby. In its second [Read More…]

Contemplation and Money

“Money, so they say Is the root of all evil today” Pink Floyd lyric Most people want money.  Many people are obsessed with it – some because they are very poor and their life depends on it.  Some because they are very rich and their identity and sense of self depend on it. Money is [Read More…]

Dealing with Death

My father died a few weeks ago. It came as quite a shock. He was 82 but still very active and not sick at all. Sure, he had had a heart attack over 30 years ago, but had no problems since and was careful with his diet and exercise and was still actively pursuing his [Read More…]

The Recipe for Love

Love is an overused word that has a diverse and varied meaning depending on the context in which it is used. We say we love our family, love our spouse, love our car, and love pizza. Are all of these really love? And what is love after all? Is it a feeling, a thought, or [Read More…]

PODCAST: SN Today #1: What is Spiritual Naturalism?

Episode 1: In the first episode of our new podcast by the Spiritual Naturalist Society, we talk about what Spiritual Naturalism means to us, some of its varieties, and how we practice it in our lives. Click here to get Email notices of new episodes and SNS articles Learn about Membership in the Spiritual Naturalist Society [Read More…]