What Would You Do?

  In the first grade I had a spectacularly useless health book entitled “Health: Focus On You.” I don’t think there was a single page in that book which was informative on any topic. First graders already know that grown-ups want them to eat five servings of produce rather than snack food, and sneeze into [Read More…]

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Empathy and the Tyranny of Advice

Yesterday, I talked a little about the struggle with poverty, and how complicated and frightening it can be. Within five minutes of doing so, I got a comment on the Facebook page, explaining that I should buy dollar store shampoo instead of Ivory soap, buy in bulk “instead of in packages” and “yes foraging but [Read More…]

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Poverty is not Simple

I just read an excellent article in The Establishment, an essay by someone who grew up in poverty about what they call “poverty appropriation:”  fashionable people doing gussied-up versions of the things poor people do to survive, for fun. The author criticizes bars with a “redneck” theme, where you pay to can drink cheap cocktails out of a paper [Read More…]

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Commodore Trump and the Evil Canadian Cattle Rustlers

I don’t often read the president’s twitter feed. If I want to read other people’s stream of consciousness, I’ll read Proust, and frankly I usually don’t usually want to read other people’s stream of consciousness in the first place. I can barely manage my own. Still, I tend to see tweets by the president circulating around, [Read More…]

On John Paul 2’s Consistent Ethic of Life

I am tired of single issue pro-lifers hijacking the words of Pope John Paul. Let’s call the following the ‘maximum determination’ fallacy. It goes like this. You complain about the hyper focus on abortion to the exclusion of other issues and the pro-lifer responds with something like this: ‘Saint John Paul II is the one [Read More…]

Stop Saying “There’s Always Adoption!”

If you’re anything like me, you’re noticing a lot of comments these days explaining how taking away insurance coverage or drastically increasing premiums will not really leave women desperate and turning to abortion more frequently. They say that “they can choose not to kill their babies,” which is true enough, but their ideas about how [Read More…]

Mr. Rogers and the Terrible Chef

My daughter is on a Mr. Rogers-watching kick again, thanks be to God. We have an Amazon Prime membership, which means we can stream nearly every episode of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood made after 1979 for free. Rosie likes to watch a whole week of episodes at once, skipping ahead to the Neighborhood of Make Believe segments, [Read More…]

The Scandal Of Resurrection Matins

It may have come to your attention that the Protestant blogger Jeff Maples visited Resurrection Matins at a Greek Orthodox church, and didn’t like it. In fact, he was scandalized by the whole thing. He pronounced it a “dead church.” Apparently he has a habit of going to churches other than his own and pronouncing [Read More…]

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I couldn’t sleep. My daughter was next to me– she tends to have insomnia, and has anxiety when she sleeps alone, so I’d bundled her into bed with me again. I read The Hobbit to her, and said her prayers; now she was finally sleeping peacefully, but I was not. It was chilly, in the bedroom, [Read More…]