We’re having a nice little thaw in Steubenville. It’s chilly and sloppy out instead of bitter cold. It’ll be almost Spring weather tomorrow, then dipping back down. The snows will surely come back several times before we’re through, of course. And I doubt even the warm spell will be enough to melt the mountains of snow we got last week. When Rosie went to Catechism class yesterday, she played in a drift outside that was nearly up to her waist. The… Read more

Hey all, I’ll be back later tonight with another “real” blog post. This post is just your periodic reminder that Steel Magnificat is almost entirely fueled by gratuities. It’s also my family’s only income. For those of you who are just joining us, I am homebound more than half the time with a chronic illness. My husband Michael is the full-time homemaker because I’m rarely strong enough for housework and often need to be waited on like an invalid. Rosie is… Read more

By Beth Hersom Today marks the anniversary of Roe versus Wade. Today, the 45th annual “March for Life” will crowd the streets of DC. There is enough of a history for precedent: Republican presidents address the crowd. The 45th president of the USA will make an address via satellite. My thoughts are disconnected. 1. There are really only two reasons to oppose abortion: misogyny or the inherent dignity of the human person. In my experience of thirty-some years, both are… Read more

This is getting to be a habit. The inimitable DOCTOR Anthony Esolen, whom I was yelled at for calling “Tony,” writes an article to do with sexuality and naughty bits, and I respond. I am told I must not respond because Doctor Esolen is a “good man and a fellow Christian,” and that makes it wrong to dialogue with him, but I’m not a good woman so I will. This week, Esolen is not writing at Crisis magazine but at… Read more

This is the time of year that I don’t sleep very much. It happens every January. I have the post-Christmas fibromyalgia flare, and I don’t sleep very much, or not at the right time. I can’t drift off before seven in the morning, and then I either sleep until afternoon… or I don’t. I get up to the sound of the neighbors shoveling their sidewalks at eight o’clock and try to get through a day on one hour of rest…. Read more

I haven’t been to Liturgy since Christmas. I wanted to go. But with this sickness, I couldn’t. And I can’t go this Sunday either. Yesterday I was well enough for a walk, but sudden changes in weather are among the twenty or so things that make my chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia flare, so today I slept all day and I’ll be just as bad tomorrow. In the morning, I’m going to Saint Mattress and praying with my icons. I honestly don’t… Read more

There is no water in downtown Steubenville, and there’s an ice storm rolling in. This morning, people just a mile away from me awoke to nothing at all coming out of the pipes. The reservoirs are being repaired as quickly as possible, but there’s nothing now and there won’t be for several days or a week. People with boilers don’t have heat in their homes downtown. The timing could not be worse. The Friendship Room  is staying open 24 hours a day all… Read more

It has likely come to your attention that, according to witnesses, yesterday the president referred to Haiti and the countries in the continent of Africa as “sh*tholes “and asked why we can’t get immigrants from Norway instead. At press time, Norway, which has free healthcare and a very generous social safety net, had politely refused the president’s offer. I don’t think the president understands how immigration works, but then again I never imagined that he did. News outlets jumped on… Read more

  I decided to be one of those insufferable people who drinks healthy smoothies. Smoothies sound like a simple, healthful way to coax fruit and vegetables into my perpetually peevish belly. I could puree them with bananas and yogurt and other things easy for me to digest. And it would be an economical way to go through the frozen fruit I kept accumulating in the freezer because it looked like such a good value. Lately I found a box of high-protein… Read more

  Written by Robert Miole  Mark Shea recently posted about the latest ‘Satanic panic’ piece published by National Catholic Register, this time warning against the dangers of mindfulness meditation which, like yoga, will leave you frothing at the mouth with a pool of mysterious blood at your feet as you emerge from the ecstasy of communing with the snake spirit at the base of your spine. Or something like that. Because the whole NCR interview reads like it was written by… Read more

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