Stephen Colbert and Preaching- On Comedians

I try to learn from everyone. Regardless of field and area of expertise, if someone speaks I listen. And I try to pick up tips on how to better my craft. I have a strong belief in common grace.So naturally as I was reading Colbert's latest interview in GQ, I was simultaneously thinking about what I do (and no it's not blogging). As I was about two-thirds done my mind started to drift towards the act of preaching. Of the many things I do I am a preacher. By the time I was done with this b … [Read more...]

Evangelicalism in America Is Doing Just Fine (Future of Faith Series)

Here is a link to my post on the future of evangelicalism in America.It was part of the Patheos Public Square on the Future of Faith in America: Evangelicalism.You can read other perspectives here.  … [Read more...]

“Life is short, have an affair”… they say. Making sense of Ashley Madison

What is Ashley Madison? It's the "new thing." Secretive, scandalous, and seductive.It is the new dating site. Or at least it was. It targeted married people. Their motto? "Life is short, have an affair." Their results? 37 million users in 48 countries and 19 languages.Let's put that in perspective. That equals the number of people living in the world's most populated city, Tokyo. Take the US's 25 most populated cities and you still wouldn't get that number. Basically it's a lot.But so … [Read more...]

Why I love the Rainbow

We've seen a lot of rainbows lately. I love the Rainbow. Here are the reasons why:I love the rainbow because it represents acceptance.It represents freedom from guilt.It represents compassion.It represents healing.It represents life.It represents love.It represents a promise. The promise of the rainbow was originally for a small group of people, a minority. They were harassed, mocked, and shamed by the world. But soon this promise came to represent all those associated with this minority … [Read more...]

Charleston- It’s about Racism first, not forgiveness.

For the past few days the nation has watched the story of Charleston unfold. It began with a heinous act. The media jumped on it. People reacted. But it took an unexpected turn when the family and friends of the victims responded. We all watched the chilling scene.The message of love of forgiveness, as preached and exemplified in Jesus... and this has gripped Christians, in good ways. But I am afraid it has also distracted Christians in bad ways.Allow me wreck any expectations you might … [Read more...]

When Greatness is Debated- How Lebron is like Jesus (a little)

When someone is great people like to debate "how great?" That was the meta-narrative during the 2015 NBA playoffs. How great is Lebron James? Well he does remind me of someone else who was/is really great. Let's first remember his story.The city of Cleveland was bruised and battered by the great enemy, the economy. Many thought the city was cursed because of all the misfortune they faced. Lebron James was the long awaited chosen one who would bring glory and restoration to the c … [Read more...]

Baseball and the Church- America’s “Pastimes”

I love sports. There are very few things in life better than watching the best athletes compete on the world’s biggest stages, especially when it comes to you live in your own living room in full HD (outside of hockey and a basketball game at MSG, I’d rather watch at home). But over the past half-decade, I found myself twiddling my thumbs from late June to Nov. (there are two football seasons--one that starts in Sep. and one after Thanksgiving. The latter is what counts). I thought to myself, “Wh … [Read more...]