How to Build an Online Catholic Community

I inhabit a very strange spot on Patheos in that my real home is YouTube. [Read more…]

Book Review: The Bible

The Bible isn’t merely the inspired word of God, sufficient for teaching… [Read more…]

Slapping Laura Across the Face

It’s basically the worst thing I’ve ever done at Mass. What’s your embarrassing Mass story? Can you make a convoluted metaphor out of it? Let us know in the comments! Twitter:  Youtube: [Read more…]

A Love Letter to Millennial Catholics

Faith experienced as a sneaking suspicion. I’ve been through it and I’ve seen a many millennial Catholics going through the same thing. This vlog is a place for them. Click here to watch on YouTube and subscribe! [Read more…]

Daily Mass Shouldn’t Be So Long!

A long homily is not going to help things. Help us out, Padre! [Read more…]

How’s Your Prayer Life? feat. Natalie Scott of The Ezer Project

Natalie Scott runs a beautiful ministry called The Ezer Project, meant specifically to address the professional and spiritual needs of other lay ministers. She has a powerful YouTube Channel and Facebook page and a deep prayer life. It was an honor talking to her about the Old Testament, the Prophets, ministry, prayer, and Game of [Read More…]

Happy Meatster from Steve the Missionary!

The first Friday after Lent is over=MEAT-ster! Special days dedicated to the consuming of grilled meats are great days to re-consider why we give up meat in the first place. Here is a four and a half minute video of me eating an In-N-Out Burger. Click here to watch on YouTube. Twitter: @SteveMissionary [Read more…]

In Honor of a Protestant Easter Service

Christian unity has been on my heart since we prayed for it as a church this Good Friday. Thank God that i was able to spend Saturday night at a beautiful vigil mass and Sunday morning at a wonderful non-denominational service. Make sure that your Easter greetings spread to all other kinds of Christians, especially [Read More…]

6 Ways to Know You are Having a Good Lent

Lent is hard. You’ve probably failed. We come to the end of Lent all raged and tired. But this doesn’t mean that we have wasted our Lent! In fact, it probably means that your Lent is going exceptionally well. Click here to watch on YouTube. Twitter:        [Read more…]