Bacon on St. Patrick’s Day

Make sure to share this with your friends in Cincinnati, Denver, and Lincoln! Have a happy St. Patrick’s Day. Pray for the Irish, the Nigerians, and anyone else for whom he is a patron. Make sure to eat some meat if you have been dispensed.   God Bless! Click here to watch on YouTube. Follow [Read More…]

How’s Your Prayer Life? (feat. Mike Antonacci) 3-17

Get yourself a wise friend and ask them about prayer.   Mike Antonacci runs a wonderful website where he writes and vlogs about spiritual discipline, prayer, and other religious insights. He’s an old missionary friend of mine and MUCH more spiritually intelligent then me. Let’s hear what he has to say about prayer! [Read more…]

The Proper Use and Misuse of Matthew Kelly

Another year means another round of free Matthew Kelly books offered by parishes across the country. My home parish has done this for four years now. Is four years of Matthew Kelly books what we need, or are other writings needed for a strong spiritual life?   Click here to watch on YouTube. Twitter Facebook [Read More…]

How’s Your Prayer Life? (feat. That Catholic Couple)

The first in a monthly series where I talk about what is happening in my prayer life. The Christian community is strengthened when people are willing to share their prayers with others. The question, “How’s your prayer life?” is the most basic element of spiritual friendship. Every month I will make a video showing what [Read More…]

8 Reasons Catholicism Belongs on YouTube w/ That Catholic Couple!!!!

This is the first of 2 great collaboration videos I did with That Catholic Couple (who you should totally subscribe to). This time we’re talking about why we make YouTube videos in the first place. And we have a challenge to all prospective Catholic YouTubers out there! Check it out.   Also, Subscribe to my [Read More…]

Catholic Creatives Named My “Silence” Video ‘Creation of the Week’!

     This community isn’t just about promoting good art, but about moving the conversations at large in the Church into new territory of engagement. Steve’s thoughts here do just that. Catholic Creatives is an excelent hub for Catholic artists, designers, musicians, creators, and enjoyers of art. Every week, they name a Catholic Creation of the [Read More…]

Cast a Catholic Movie

There’s a cool little challenge happening over at Random Catholic Thoughts. Pick a Bible/Saint/Catholic story and try to make the best cast out of famous actors. Post it with #rctmovieposter and the best on will get a nice, photophopped poster of their winning movie. What are your ideas? Click here to watch on YouTube. Follow [Read More…]

Silence: Ask the Right Questions

Apostasy isn’t the only important theme in Martin Scorsese’s gorgeous “Silence”. Faith, evangelism, prayer, philosophy, and universal truth all make their appearances in the story and the dialogue. This movie, even though it’s a flop at the box office, is sparking a conversation among Catholics. It’s time that that conversation got a little direction. Here [Read More…]

Lessons from SEEK 2017

This was my 3rd SEEK conference hosted by FOCUS (my first 2 were as a missionary), and yet the experience still had something to teach me.   Special thanks to the Glazes from “That Catholic Couple” and to Fr. Mike Schmitz from “Ascension Presents” You guys ROCK.   PS: my new goal is to get [Read More…]

Steve’s Unpopular Christmas Song Opinions

Best “O Come O Come Emmanuel” is by The Civil Wars “All I Want for Christmas is You” is ok, if you skip the intro. Annie Lennox’s Christmas album is GOLD. Click here to watch on YouTube. [Read more…]