Truth is a peculiar thing in most human minds, it is that perfection that we seek, the Holy Grail of thought; yet many abandon it in their search for it.  How can one defile their means, and hope for a pure end? To be put in short, pride.  Pride leads the philosopher to abandon the truth in hopes of gaining it.

Pride shows its face in a multitude of disfigured poses.  The first of these that I’ll discuss is the decision that truth is unattainable.  Not only is this a fallacy, it’s also a cop-out.  To accept that truth is unattainable is to accept that truth is non-existent… In which case you should probably stop thinking, since truth not existing means that everything ever thought or said is a lie… Well, the fallacy shows itself pretty well; yet many still cling to it.  What could stand to be gained from this absolute denial of logic, especially by a philosopher, one who’s whole life IS logic?  Pride.  The adoption of this absolute disgrace to all that is reasonable is made time and time again by so called “Secular Philosophers”, all for the sake of pride.  This fallacy allows one to escape the looming, daunting, terrifying, horror that is humility.  Why use this fallacy to feel good about yourself though?  Doesn’t it bother you at all to accept such a grievous offense to your own intellect?!  The denial of truth gives any philosopher an easy ticket home, they can explain why they don’t know the truth.  There’s no shame in not knowing something that doesn’t exist.  To accept that you do not know the truth, AND that the truth exists is to accept that you are not all powerful, which is a fact that most people would much rather ignore.

So, I say that all of us ought to lower ourselves, even to the dirt of which we are made, so that we can see the truth of that which is greater than us.

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