SVS: “Seven Chances”


I’m kind-of on vacation right now. As much as one can be on vacation with 8 kids, anyway. So this one’s a real softball. One of my favorite films from film school. And a big part of why Buster Keaton’s my favorite silent comic. (It’s the first half more than the second half, really. The [Read More...]

Morten Lauridsen’s “Sure On This Shining Night” Needs No Season


View image | I stumbled across this piece a few months ago as I was researching my post on Morten Lauridsen and his love for Mary. I think it’s part of his “Mid-Winter” song cycle (or at least it’s usually featured on a CD with his Mid-Winter song cycle), so it might not be exactly [Read More...]

SSF: “A Short Love Story In Stop Motion”


Today’s short film, Carlos Lascano’s “A Short Love Story in Stop Motion,” is more than seven years old. I have absolutely no idea why it’s taken me this long to find it. I love the mixture of mediums; parts of it feel very 3D/physical/claymation-y, and parts of it feel very 2D/ethereal/hand-drawn. And parts of it feel very [Read More...]

SVS: “Jeeves and Wooster”


Earlier this week, right after I discovered (and almost-simultaneously posted) this hilarious little clip of Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry preparing to fight a rather unusual duel, I was inspired (by the aforementioned clip) to see if the duo’s true comedic masterpiece — the side-splitting “Jeeves and Wooster” series from the early 1990′s — was available from any of the [Read More...]

No One Sees the World Quite Like a 6-Year-Old


A few days ago, I came home from work and found this odd/inexplicable assortment of magnetic letters lying on our dining-room table. Because I have yet to learn better, I asked who it’d come from. And what it was. James (the Fifth Son) piped up from behind me, a slight exasperation matter-of-factly hidden under his [Read More...]

No Commentary Necessary — Dueling Frys and Lauries


This is not the first time I’ve written about the comedically-transcendent duo of Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry in this context. And I’m sure it will not be the last. Attribution(s): There are no “Awesome Dueling Fry and Laurie” images available in the public domain currently, so instead, here’s an awesome “Classic Guys Dueling” image by [Read More...]

Jammin’ Keith Jarrett and Suite, Suite Händel


View image | Today’s an All-Day Editing Day — in other words, I’m hip-deep in InDesign and shall shortly run mad – so music is an absolute must. For me, that means (almost always) Baroque, (most likely) keyboard, and (pretty much never) anything jazzy. That last one’s not entirely fair/can be self-defeating, because there’s lots of [Read More...]

SSF: “The OceanMaker”


There’s a new Mad Max film coming out shortly; this weekend, actually. It looks insane. In honor of the (impending) occasion, here’s a Mad Max-inspired short film that’s slightly less insane (but visually splendid and highly imaginative): After the seas have disappeared, a courageous pilot fights against vicious sky pirates for control of the last [Read More...]

SVS: “His Girl Friday”


WHEREAS it’s been over a year since I recommended a Cary Grant film (which is far too long); and WHEREAS  screwball comedies are pretty much the Best Friday Flicks Ever (as long as you’re not too tired to keep up with the banter); and WHEREAS the wonderfully-successful transposition of one of its leads has always fascinated me (as [Read More...]

Boss-Level Ping-Pong


FORREST GUMP: We were the first Americans to visit the land of China in, like, a million years or something like that, and somebody said that world peace was in our hands. But all I did was play ping-pong. Some of my fondest teenage memories revolve around a ping-pong table set in the basement of my cousins’ [Read More...]