Streaming Suggestion: “Good Eats”


For a couple of weeks now, I’ve been planning to use today’s post to recommend one of my guilty TV pleasures. But then I realized something. There was no guilt. So, rather than whispering something in your ear with a furtive (almost obsequious) glance over my shoulder to see who might be looking down on me with a shocked expression (and [Read More...]

Playin’ In My Jukebox: James Hill on a Ukulele


This is amazing stuff. So amazing, in fact, that my instinctive response was: “That’s got to be fake.” And then he dove right into “Billie Jean.” Gosh. His name’s James Hill, he’s a ukulele player (and HOW!), a Canadian, and — as his website describes him — “a man on a musical mission.” I’m not quite sure [Read More...]

“What is left is Art. I think we must all admit that.”


If Cooper had any real knowledge of Nature’s ways of doing things, he had a most delicate art in concealing the fact. It’s Wednesday. Which, as I’ve doubtless observed (complained about/whined over) in the past, is not my favorite day of the week. So I’m in the mood for something cathartic. (Translation? I’m on the lookout for something [Read More...]

“Grim Grinning Ghosts” and the Magic of Thurl Ravenscroft


For no particular reason other than because it’s a bit October-y and I like to post thematically/seasonally-appropriate music from time to time and because, unlike Tom McDonald, I don’t know country music much, dark or otherwise. Also, because I was recently listening to NPR’s “All Songs Considered” fascinating podcast with John Congleton and he brought [Read More...]

Summa Shorts: “L3.0″


Today’s short is a beautifully-rendered French bit about a robot struggling to hang on after the “End of Civilization as We Know It.” (Keep an eye out for the glass effects, in particular, because they’re gorgeous. Beautifully done.) In addition to being a) French, and b) beautifully made, the whole thing’s actually a bit creepy. It’s [Read More...]

Streaming Suggestion: “Chicken Run”


They’re CHICKENS, you dolt. Apart from you, they’re the most stupid creatures on this planet. They don’t plot, they don’t scheme, and they are NOT organized. Today’s suggestion is a bit of an oddity for a cantankerous cinematic curmudgeon like me. One of those rare homage films that I actually enjoy as much as — [Read More...]

A Breathtaking Matterhorn, Courtesy of Robert Bösch


From Mammut Alpine: July 14th 2015 is the 150th anniversary of the first ascent of the Matterhorn. The mountain, which is probably the most photographed in the world, was in the headlines again. In preparation for the anniversary celebrations, Swiss mountaineering specialist Mammut, together with the Zermatt mountain guides traced the route over the Hörnligrat [Read More...]

“To Keep My Memory Alive and Healthy”


It is a pity I can’t receive my own letters. If they produce as much wholehearted approval at their destination as they do at their source, they should indeed be able to keep my memory alive and healthy. – Flannery O’Connor What a great quote. Yes, as a die-hard and dyed-in-the-wool O’Connorite, I suppose it’s only fair [Read More...]

Writing Crookedly with Straight Lines


A couple of days ago, my dad sent me the following video. Apparently, he’s gently encouraging me to lose my mind. …more rapidly than I’m already losing it, that is. Seriously, these sorts of things drive me crazy. Things that I don’t understand bother me not at all. Things that I understand on an intellectual level [Read More...]

Summa Shorts: “10 Seconds”


When I first saw this short film on Mike Heist — a guy who makes a living by bending neon tubes; a master of the bending arts, you might say — I was immediately reminded of Marcus Daly’s The Coffinmaker. (I’m not quite sure why, though I think it might have something to do with the [Read More...]