A Trap That I Trip Over and Over and Over Again

Thanks to Jim Benton for this sharp little insight into my life. It's one that cuts uncomfortably close to the quick, most days; one that applies more readily and regularly than I'd care to admit. ("Means," I  keep reminding myself. "Not end. Just a means, not an end.") … [Read More...]


Celebrating and Medicating with Ghibli Wallpapers

As someone who uses their desktop wallpaper (and its selection) as a regular source of encouragement/therapy/happiness, it gives me great pleasure to share this Imgur gallery with y'all.It's called "100 Studio Ghibli Wallpapers," and it is ...pretty much exactly what you'd expect. And every bit as awesome as you'd expect.I'm using this one currently, because I love the detail.I'm already making plans to switch to this one when the goin' get rough, though. Because nothing makes me … [Read More...]


Summa Shorts: “Ferdinand the Bull”

Whilst doing "due diligence/research" for my Lambert post a few weeks ago, I stumbled across a number of Disney shorts with strong ties to my childhood. I'll be posting a number of these nostalgia-soaked piece in the coming months, but I thought I'd start with 1938's Oscar-winning Ferdinand the Bull because it's the only one that I actually remember more strongly as a book than as a cartoon.I remember Wilbur Munro Leaf's book -- "The Story of Ferdinand," a "children's classic which he wrote o … [Read More...]


Streaming Suggestion: “The Rescuers Down Under”

Today, I'm going to do something brave. Or, perhaps, something foolish.I'm going to tell everyone what my favorite animated Disney film is. Even though past instances of this bravery (or is it foolishness?) have produced any and/or all of the following responses: stunned disbelief; righteous anger; awkward silence; unmitigated guffaws; derision; pity; thinly-veiled outrage; or the worst response of all, nothing.Still, I forge ahead. Because even though I might never find anyone who loves … [Read More...]


Edward Hopper’s Search for ‘Nighthawks’

You know those times when you shamelessly steal someone else's post pretty much in its entirety because it's just so darn fun?Yeah, I love those times, too.Speaking of which, this ARTNews post is over a year old, but as someone who is fascinated -- perhaps too fascinated -- by the Man Behind the Curtain (particularly when it comes to drawing), I just couldn't let it pass.Here: Drawings at the Whitney reveal the step-by-step process the artist used to create his iconic painting of … [Read More...]


Wednesday in GIF Form. And Händel. Because.

Today, this is me:OK, fine. I'm perhaps not quite that cute. Nor as fluffy. But I'm doing just about as good a job of measuring today's obstacles. (That's why they call it Hump Day, right? Because it's the one you trip over?)Just keep workin', I say. ...Oh, and listen to nearly 4 hours of Georg Friedrich Händel's organ concerti. That'll help, as well. (Seriously. When doesn't it?) … [Read More...]


Gender Specificity and the Wonders of Brotherhood

In the first 14+ years of the Susanka Horde's adventurous existence, we have had little-to-no use for feminine pronouns. That's not a misogynistic tendency (I hope); it's just a practical fact. My wife is "Mama" to the boys and "Sarah" to me. Never "She."Likewise, the various other feminine influences in/on the boys' lives have nearly always been discussed with specificity. The boys speak of one another in pronoun form all the time, but I assume that's because opportunities abound. Wome … [Read More...]


Summa Shorts: “Space Cat HOB”

Today's short didn't catch my interest for its strong story sense. In fact, it feels more like a catchy snippet lifted from a much larger story than a self-contained offering. It caught my attention because it's a fantastic adventure in world-building. And because it's incredibly vibrant (especially in terms of its colors). And because it was made "without money" and in someone's "spare time." Yet another reminder that patience and talent can produce some astonishing stuff. Space Cat HOB is an i … [Read More...]


Streaming Suggestion: “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir”

My dear, since Eve picked the apple, no woman 's ever been taken entirely unawares. I tend to be less critical of Netflix Instant's selection than many of my friends and compatriots because I like obscure and foreign stuff -- Aspiring Snob, remember? -- and I have gradually moved away from high-profile releases and blockbusters in the last ten years or so. The latter two categories are things Netflix does poorly, and the first two are ones it does well. (Yes, I have to take obscure and/or … [Read More...]

Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand -- Photograph by Brad Grove

Who Needs Words, Anyway?

You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, this one feels like it's worth more than a thousand, to me. Way more. (Priceless, really. Just stunning.)Via "National Geographic's" Photo of the Day (almost exactly one year ago):Trees stand like guardians at the top of Lake Wakatipu on New Zealand's South Island. Says Brad Grove, a member of our Your Shot community: "I first discovered these trees by the Glenorchy jetty back in April 2011 and had never really been happy w … [Read More...]