WARNING: Dangerous Time Sink Ahead!

WARNING: Dangerous Time Sink Ahead! November 18, 2015

Every now and again, I forget what an amazing resource The Internet Archive actually is. Which is a good thing, actually, because I’d never get anything done, otherwise.

The most recent case in point? A 110-clip playlist of The NBC University Theater’s productions. An old-timey radio series from the mid-40’s, it was part of The NBC University of the Air program, whereby college students could actually get credit by listening. I’m pretty sure that last part no longer applies (thought maybe it should), but it’s great stuff all the same.

It’s also …long. Seriously long. I can’t even fit all 110 titles into that little embed list thingie the Archive gives me without having a little scroll-bar on the right. It’s not designed to go that far down.

So proceed with caution. And fun.

Attribution(s): Pareidoliac Radio via photopin (license).

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